Meme Wars – Live at the Norm Theatre, Tues Feb 5, 7pm

From the editor & magazine that started and named the OCCUPY WALL STREET MOVEMENT, MEME WARS: THE CREATIVE DESTRUCTION OF NEOCLASSICAL ECONOMICS is an articulation of what could be the next steps in rethinking and remaking our world that challenges and debunks many of the assumptions of neoclassical economics and brings to light a more ecological model.

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MEME WARS aims to accelerate the shift into this new paradigm that takes into account psychonomics, bionomics, and other aspects of our physical and mental environment that are often left out in discussions of economics.

Join the Founder and Senior Editor of Adbusters, Kalle Lasn and DARREN FLEET, at this public event & book launch!

Norm Theatre in the SUB Building on the UBC Campus.
Admission is free.

Adbusters Website:

Event Co-Sponsored by Banyen Books & Sound, UBC’s AMS Student Society, The Terry Project, Common Ground, and Adbusters.

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