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Continuing the series highlighting each of the current AMS executives, this week features Tanner Bokor, Vice President External.

What are the duties of your position?

“The VP External is responsible for the outreach and lobbying arm of the AMS. The office works with the municipal, provincial, and federal governments on issues like public transit funding, financial aid, childcare, and more. The VP External also manages the U-Pass BC program on behalf of the society.”

What is the most fun about your position?

“The most fun for me has been working with other student societies, getting to know different executives across Canada, and travelling with other student leaders to lobbying the government on issues important to UBC students. If I had to pick one event, I’d have to say I enjoyed our Lobby Days trip in July the most.  AMS representatives and 9 other student groups went to Victoria to talk about post-secondary issues with the provincial government. ”

What keeps you motivated to fulfill the duties of this position?

“This office is a slow-moving behemoth. Government and external stakeholders move slowly, so sometimes it’s difficult to see outcomes in a yearlong term.  For me, I’ve relied a great deal on thinking about the benefits of the work I’m doing for UBC students in the long run. I also celebrate the minor victories (and failures) that I’ve had over the year. It’s important for me to remember that while I may not be a student when some of the issues I’m lobbying on are in fact resolved, I’ve gained valuable experience as the VP External and I can take pride in that I learned from my successes and my failures.”

What have you learned from undertaking this position?

“The list is endless. I’ve learned so much about the Canadian political system, how to develop strategy, event planning, logistics management, and more.  Personally, I’ve also learned a great deal about my own management style, how to manage stress, how to be an active listener, and improved on my own public speaking skills. The AMS has provided me so much over the past two years of involvement that I consider to be truly remarkable, and I will always consider this a workplace like no other.”

Why should students vote and engage themselves in the AMS Elections?

“Your student society isn’t like your high school student council. Real change comes from the work and dedication of your elected AMS officials who control a multi-million dollar budget and lobby on your behalf. AMS elections are one of the key opportunities for students to shape the direction of their student society. If there’s something students want to see change, it’s up to them to educate themselves on the candidates, and make an informed decision. Dr. Seuss says it best, ‘Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.’”

Voting for the elections is open next week: January 27th – 31st.   A link will be up on the AMS Elections page to let you log on and cast your vote.

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