Council Meeting Summary, February 5th 2014

Keeping you up to date on your student council: AMS Council meeting of February 5, 2014.

Referendum Results: Council heard the official results from the January elections.  All six referendum questions passed, including authorization to sell the Whistler Lodge, approval of fee restructuring, amendments to the AMS bylaws, and approval of a fee to build a microbrewery.  Students also voted Yes on questions calling on the AMS to lobby for lower tuition and for divestment by the University of its fossil fuel holdings.

New Executive: The new AMS Executive, which will take office at the Annual General Meeting on February 28, will be:

a)    Tanner Bokor, President

b)    Anne Kessler, VP Academic

c)     Mateusz Miadlikowski, VP Finance

d)    Ava Nasiri, VP Administration

e)    Bahareh Jokar, VP External

Communications: Council heard a presentation from Communications Manager Abby Blinch about updates to the AMS communications strategy.  The upcoming focus will be on the AMS’s online presence, internal communications, and branding.

Resource Groups: Council created a committee to review the AMS Resource Groups and also directed the incoming Executive to develop a stronger relationship with the Resource Groups.

Code amendments: Council approved five minor changes to the AMS Code of Procedure, including new rules for reviewing Internal Policies and waiving fee payments for former wards of the province.

President Toope: Council voted to name outgoing UBC President Stephen Toope an honorary member of the AMS.

New Executive Director: Council appointed Daniel Levangie as the new AMS Executive Director, overseeing the student government and services side of the AMS, effective March 3.


Next regular Council meeting: February 26, 2014

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