Speakeasy giving out free hot chocolate to help combat exam stress

On April 11 and 16, Speakeasy, an AMS services, will be outside Irving handing out hot chocolate to students during the stressful exam period.

If exams, or anything else, are getting the best of you, Speakeasy can offer help beyond a warm cup of cocoa.

“Students can talk to Speakeasy about literally anything—anything under the sun,” explained Speakeasy coordinator Camelia Toghiana-Rizi. “From relationship issues, problems with parents, even issues that come up with the university like failing courses or academic misconduct to suicide prevention to LGBT issues, and more.  Literally anything that can distress someone.”

Speakeasy is currently compromised of 46 volunteers who have each received over 150 hours of peer support training from a variety of community organizations.  They provide peer support in one-on-one sessions.  All volunteers sign non-disclosure agreements to keep all sessions confidential.

“We don’t give advice.  We don’t sway people in anyway or tell people what they should do,” Toghiani-Rizi continued. “We just work through the issue and try to provide a non-judgmental space for people to be able to have a guided experience of working through their issues.  We also provide resources and referrals within the UBC community and the general Vancouver community.  There are a lot of referrals and resources that students can seek out in times of distress.”

So pop by for a warm beverage and, if needed, a listening ear. Speakeasy’s hours of operation will be 10am to 4pm daily during the exam period.


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