AMS seeks University stability and appropriate inquiry on President’s resignation

With the controversy surrounding Arvind Gupta’s resignation, the AMS expresses concerns regarding recent speculation by the media and the UBC Faculty Association.

As students of UBC, we are most attentive to the stability of our university and the effective function of institutional governance structures as we enter into our centennial year and a new era of UBC.

As elected student leaders on campus, we would like to state the following position on recent events:

  1. Considering institutional stability to be paramount, we do not currently call for the resignation of the Chair of the Board of Governors during this turbulent time due to a lack of public information.
  2. We demand a fair, unbiased, transparent, and independent investigation into allegations of infringement upon academic freedom, and encourage that public judgement await the release of the findings.
  3. As the body elected to represent UBC students, we call on the media and members of the university to avoid speaking on behalf of the student community in regards to academics and the student experience.
  4. Lastly, we are dedicated to ensuring that the Board of Governors is held accountable to the students whom they serve, and will continue to work towards improved transparency and representation of the student voice.

We reiterate our gratitude to Arvind Gupta for his service to UBC, and look forward to engaging with Dr. Piper on student issues in the coming months. As always, you can reach me in my office, at, or join me in the Pit for a pint on Friday afternoons.


Aaron Bailey
AMS President

Media Contact
Abby Blinch
AMS Communications Manager
778-998-4554 (cell)

About the AMS
The AMS is the Student Society of UBC Vancouver and represented the over 50,000 graduate and undergraduate students on campus. Its mission is to improve the quality of the educational, social, and personal lives of the students at UBC.”

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