UBC students are big fans of international rap icon Aubrey “Drake” Graham. We like him so much, in fact, that we’re putting together a UBC remake of his instant classic and cultural landmark music video “Hotline Bling.”

But this won’t be like all the parody videos you’ve seen on the internet during the past month. We wanted to take the definition of “meme” to the next level, and we want to get the attention of the entire world in the process.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, 2000 UBC students will line up to make their individual Hotline Bling videos. We’ll be filming 10 second clips of UBC Students dancing in our very own, student built replica of the “Hotline Bling” set. On Friday, all of those videos will be tweeted at Drake over the course of a day, one at a time: one video every 2 and half minutes for 12 hours straight (based on our current estimate of 300 videos).

This wasn’t an easy undertaking. The campaign’s production team team (a collaboration of the AMS of UBC, The Calendar and Dive Into UBC) pulled an all-nighter Sunday night and Monday morning building the set. Countless volunteer hours have been contributed to the campaign over the past two weeks to design the campaign and rally students. Hundreds of students have been posting on social media with the hashtag #UBCHOTLINEBLING to get their friends to make a video with them.

In a University of 50,000 students, events like this that bring everyone together are a rare occurrence, but it’s easy to sense the excitement on campus around the irresistible idea. Two years ago, UBC students shook the world to its core with our amazing UBC Harlem shake. Two years before that, we changed the face of music with the UBC Lip Dub. Now, we’re doing it again.


Check out the Facebook event

For more information, contact

Aaron Bailey
AMS President
T: 604-822-3972
M: 604-700-2152

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