AMS Election & Referendum 2016 Results

On Friday, March 4 at 6pm, the unofficial results of the 2016 AMS Election & Referendum results were announced at The Pit. Results will be made official on Wednesday at Council.

Your new AMS executive is:

  • President: Ava Nasiri
  • Vice-President Academic & University Affairs: Samantha So
  • Vice-President External Affairs: Kathleen Simpson
  • Vice-President Administration: Chris Scott
  • Vice-President Finance: Louis Retief

Student Senators are:

  • Samantha So
  • Jenna Omassi
  • Lina Castro
  • Nick Dawson
  • Kaidie Williams

Student Board of Governors representatives are:

  • Aaron Bailey
  • Veronica Knott

The following referendum questions received enough yes votes to pass:

  • U-Pass
  • Health & Dental
  • WUSC
  • Bring Back the Gal
  • Campus Culture
  • Bylaw & Constitution

The referendum questions that did not pass are:

  • $4.20 AMS fee increase
  • Bylaw referendum revisions
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