Council Summaries Council Meeting Summary, August 24, 2016

Here are notes from the regular AMS Council meeting of August 24, 2016:

First Week: Council discussed how to plan collaboration between the AMS and the Constituencies for First Week and Homecoming weekend.

Affordability, Sexual Assault, Student Aid: Council was given a heads-up about upcoming AMS campaigns on affordability and sexual assault policy, and was also told that a portion of the student aid fund will now be set aside for international students.

Clubs Handbook: VP Administration Chris Scott said that the new Clubs Handbook will be the central source of information for clubs.

New staff: Council was introduced to the new Communications Manager, Kris Anderson, and the new Ombudsperson, Matt Perzow.

Business moves and names: Managing Director Keith Hester announced that the new Ph.Tea bubble tea shop will be moving upstairs to share space with the Peko Peko sushi bar, which is reverting to its old name: The Honour Roll.

Safety and Security: Daniel Levangie, the Student Services Senior Manager, told Council about two University safety and security groups, which are looking into security priorities.

k.d. lang: The Archivist noted that perhaps the biggest headliner the Welcome Back Barbecue ever had was k.d. lang in 1987.

Incubator: Council approved the creation of a position that will look into whether to begin the Incubator service (to support start-ups and entrepreneurship).

GSS Space: Council approved an agreement with the GSS giving them use of space in the AMS Student Nest.

Code corrections: Council approved a Code amendment allowing the Clerk of Council to make minor corrections to the Code (subject to Council approval).

New architects: Council approved the hiring of Perkins and Wills to work on the Old SUB renovation project.

Block Party: To avoid going into deficit, Council approved a budget for hosting the Block Party at the University Commons rather than Thunderbird Stadium.  However, if the expenses at Thunderbird Stadium (notably for flooring) can be reduced, Council may revisit the issue.

Committee restructuring: Council approved in principle a plan for revamping the AMS committee system.  Full details to come at the next meeting in time for appointments.

Next regular Council meeting: September 14, 2016 in the Forum at 6 pm.

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