Council Summaries Council Meeting Summary, August 3, 2016

Here are notes from the regular AMS Council meeting of August 3, 2016:

Services: Hussam Zbeeb, the AMS Student Services Manager, updated Council about the Services, including the newest one: Vice, which is to offer support to students with substance use issues.  He also reported on a partnership between Safewalk and the football team, and later in the meeting asked for Council input on a planned new Service, called Incubator, which is intended to encourage an entrepreneurial culture and student start-up companies.

GSS in the Nest: AMS President Ava Nasiri reported that agreement has been reached with the Graduate Student Society to allow temporary use of their space by an AMS club (either eSports or the Pottery Club).  There will also be a long-term agreement.

Academic Experience Survey: VP Academic Samantha So and her Associate VP, Kevin Doering, conducted a sort of quiz show about the main findings of the survey.  Findings indicated a lack of awareness of the AMS among the students and a desire among the respondents for better communication between the AMS leadership and the student body.

Block Party:  Louis Retief, the VP Finance, presented two options: using the stadium, which would cost more and would force ticket prices up, and using the Commons outside the Nest, which would limit attendance to 6,000.  Councillors were divided.

Governance Review: Council received an update: there is a plan to revamp the committee system, hopefully in time for appointments in September.  There are also plans to reduce the size of Council.

Ph.Tea: Student Services Senior Manager Daniel Levangie announced that this will be the name of the new Bubble Tea outlet, so that even undergraduates can get at Ph.T.

SUDS: VP External Kathleen Simpson announced that the Student Union Development Summit is sold out.

History Book: Sheldon Goldfarb, the Archivist & Clerk of Council, reported that he has done 80 years of the 100-year chronicle.  Excerpts have already appeared in Trek Magazine:

Pit Media Wall: Council authorized the removal of the frequently damaged media wall of TV screens in the Pit.  It will be replaced by projectors and a regular wall.

Agenda Committee: Council had fifteen seconds of silence for the Agenda Committee, which it abolished.  The President will now consult informally with Executives and Committee Chairs to compile the Council agenda.

U-Pass: Council voted to join lobbying efforts to preserve the U-Pass program.  This is in the wake of suggestions that the province and TransLink may want to end it.

Council goals: Council expressed support for a plan to strike an ad hoc committee on strategic planning which would come back to Council with proposals.

Outreach: To better reach out to the student body, AMS President Ava Nasiri suggested doing regular classroom announcements about AMS activities.

Next regular Council meeting: August 24, 2016 in the Forum at 6 pm.

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