Council Summaries Council Meeting Summary, September 14, 2016

Here are notes from the regular AMS Council meeting of September 14, 2016:

No more unicorns: As part of its general revamping of the AMS committee system, Council abolished the University & External Relations Committee (aka Unecorn). It also did away with the Oversight Committee and the system of performance accountability incentives (PAI) for the Executive. Also gone is the Finance Commission, many of whose duties will be transferred to the Budget Committee. Council also created an Operations Committee, which will take over many of the buildng-related duties formerly handled by SAC.

Other new committees:
Advocacy (replacing Unecorn and the Education Committee)
Student Life
Human Resources (replacing the Hiring Committee)
Governance (replacing LPC, the Legislative Procedures Committee)

And one to rule them all: There will also be a Steering Committee to coordinate the goals of the other committees and the Executive.

Affordability: Council approved a revised version of the Affordability Policy and was told by VP External Kathleen Simpson that a “Price is Right” event would kick off the AMS campaign about affordability.

Sexual Assault: Council also heard about consultations and the campaign concerning the University’s sexual assault policy.

Appointments: Council appointed the new Ombudsperson, Matt Perzow, and a new Elections Administrator: Samuel Fung.

Next regular Council meeting: September 28, 2016 in the Forum at 6 pm.

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