Classroom Announcer

Expected hours per week: at least one announcement (~10 minutes) per week

Job location: Campus classrooms (primarily 1st and 2nd year classes)

Detailed job description:

Your AMS is beginning to implement a classroom announcement program! We are in need of announcers to spread the word about the exciting things your AMS is doing for students.
As an announcer, you will receive an announcement at the beginning of the week for you to communicate to the classes you’ve signed up for. We expect that you will announce at at minimum one class a week, but you may choose as many as you like!

Expected qualifications:

A loud voice is probably pretty important. Experience public speaking is great. Other than that, we accept people who shows initiative and excitement to get involved and spread the word.

Number of openings: lots!

We recruit our volunteers year round. Applications for this term end Friday, October 21 at 8:00PM, but applying early increases your chances of getting the classes you want.

Apply online at

Have questions? Contact us:


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