Council Summaries Council Meeting Summary, September 28, 2016

Here are notes from the regular AMS Council meeting of September 28, 2016:

Restructuring: AMS President Ava Nasiri updated Council on Phase 2 of the AMS staff restructuring which is meant to bridge the divide between the business side and the student government side of the AMS.  Changes include the elimination of the position of the Senior Manager of Student Services and the integration of the Events Department into Communications.

Council Officers: Council heard a presentation explaining the new system of officers to represent previously unrepresented groups. There will be three Caucuses of Officers: an Equity Caucus, a Student Issues Caucus, and a Student Activities Caucus.  The Equity Caucus will include Gender, Racialized, Indigenous, LGBTQ, and Disabled representatives. Student Issues will include International, Mature, Residence, and Commuter representatives.  Student Activities will include representatives for Greek Life and Athletics.

Laserfiche: Council heard a presentation on the Laserfiche document management system, which the AMS Archives has begun using, and later authorized an expenditure of up to $20,000 from the Capital Projects Fund to pay for three years of maintenance for the system.

Classroom Announcements: Council heard about plans for classroom announcements which would explain to students what the AMS is and inform them of upcoming events and issues.

Asks: VP External Kathleen Simpson told Council about the AMS submission to the provincial government’s finance committee.  The AMS asked for a longer commitment on the U-Pass, a reduction of the interest rate on student loans, and annual 2% increases of core funding to universities.

U-Pass Consulting: Council approved a $3,330 expenditure on a consulting project related to the U-Pass.

Clubs Resource Fund: Council created a fund that will allow money collected from clubs using the Student Life and Sustainability Centre to be used on the clubs rather than being put into general operating funds.

Gallery vs. Pit: Keith Hester, the Managing Director, reported that AMS businesses are “storming along” and that the new Gallery is doing so well that business in the Pit is down.  As a result, the Pit’s hours may be reduced.

Committee meetings: Council passed a motion directing all its committees to meet before October 12.

AGM date: After an extended discussion, Council voted to have the AMS annual general meeting at sometime between October 19 and October 31.

Next regular Council meeting: October 12, 2016 in the Forum at 6 pm.

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