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Looking to gain skills and volunteer experience while giving back to the UBC community? AMS Vice is currently accepting applications to join our team!

Vice is the latest addition to the AMS family of services available at UBC.  This service aims to help students find their balance with alcohol, drugs, and technology by equipping students with the tools that they need. The three branches of these tools are, Educational Outreach, Dialogue Sessions, and a Mentorship program. If you’re interested in becoming a volunteer with Vice, please see below to find more information on each of the three areas that you could be involved with.

Educational Outreach:

This branch of Vice will focus on running campaigns to provide students with accurate information about alcohol, drugs, and technology, and to provide statistics that challenge stereotypical perceptions around college substance use. These campaigns include eye-catching posters, engaging boothing activities, and the creation of online resources.

Dialogue Sessions:

These unique peer sessions will provide students with an opportunity to speak candidly about their perceptions and experiences with alcohol, drugs, and technology. Volunteers will be paired up to facilitate these sessions in a guided format to encourage students to learn from one another, and to reflect upon themselves. Through these sessions, students may find support, guidance, and an increased capacity in managing their own health.


Vice will also be offering one-on-one support to student through its mentorship program. Volunteers in the program will work with students individually to develop goals, strategies, and plans to reduce harmful usage or dependency. Each mentor will be connected with a student for one month, and during that time they will be expected to assess current usage, identify problematic behaviours and situations, and map out the path to safe useage. This does not necessarily entail abstinence. To this end, mentors will be sharing information, connecting students with resources, and (most importantly) offering empathetic and continuous peer support to achieve student goals.

Successful applicants will be responsible, reliable, respectful, and passionate about helping others; have excellent judgement and interpersonal skills; and be comfortable working in groups or autonomously. Confidentiality and accountability will also expected at all times. Personal experience with alcohol, substance, or technology use is an asset, but not a requirement.

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