Council Summaries Council Meeting Summary, November 9, 2016

Here are notes from the regular AMS Council meeting of November 9, 2016:

Executive Goals: Members of the Executive presented updates on their goals, including such things as communications, renovations to the Old SUB, campaigns on affordability and housing, financial restructuring, and lobbying on such matters as the University’s sexual assault policy.

Strategic Plan: AMS President Ava Nasiri outlined the timeline for producing the new AMS Strategic Plan, which will include consultation with past Executives going back to 1985 as well as with current Council members and students at large.  The aim is to have a final draft ready by the end of Reading Week in February.

Nest Refinancing: Ava also reported that discussions concerning refinancing the loan for the Nest are making progress.

Annual General Meeting: Ava said the AGM almost reached quorum and provided lessons for what to do if there’s a need to hold a Special General Meeting.

Old SUB Renovations: VP Administration Chris Scott said the renovations would likely cost $5 million.

Credit Cards: VP Finance Louis Retief said credit cards are coming for Clubs and Constituencies.

Services Review: Hussam Zbeeb, the Student Services Manager, said a full review of the Services is planned.

Course Syllabi: Student Senator Daniel Lam said Senate is looking into a policy on course syllabi.

GSS and AMS: AMS President Ava Nasiri asked the Graduate Student representatives about the upcoming referendum on whether the Graduate Student Society will continue its current relationship with the AMS.  Bradley Balaton of the GSS said the referendum is not until 2018 and there have been only informal discussions about it so far.

Television Screens: Council approved a motion to pay for the installation of television screens in the atrium of the Nest, where they can be used to display a calendar of events and other things (such as Block Party promotions).  The screens are being relocated from the Pit Media Wall, where they tended to get broken.

Election Communications and Events: Council amended Code to expand the duties of the Election Communications Officer to include responsibility for events.

Postsecondary Funding: Council approved a lobbying document on postsecondary funding.

Selling Art: President Nasiri launched a discussion about selling three of the most expensive items from the AMS Art Collection in order to save insurance costs and give the art works a better chance of being displayed than if they remain within the AMS.

Executive Reports: President Nasiri asked if these reports might be more accessible as videos rather than as written documents.  Councillors said there was value to having written reports, though videos might be useful in addition.

Fall Reading Break: Council discussed whether to encourage the University to introduce one.

Okanagan Charter: Ava drew Council’s attention to the Okanagan Charter, an initiative to make universities health-promoting (especially mental health).  UBC has asked the AMS to sign on.

Tuition Increases: Council approved an AMS submission opposing tuition increases and supporting the 2% cap on tuition.

Game Plan: Council approved an AMS submission concerning the University’s new Game Plan for Athletics and Recreation.  The submission emphasizes the importance of recreational excellence and calls for minimizing the cost to students.

Campus Vibe: Council approved an expenditure of up to $27,000 to enter into a contract with Campus Vibe for software to support AMS clubs.

Classroom Announcements: President Nasiri made flash drives available to Councillors, who will be able to use them as part of announcements to their classes about fun things to do with the AMS.

Next regular Council meeting: November 23, 2016 in the Forum at 6 pm.

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