Council Summaries Council Meeting Summary, November 23, 2016

Here are notes from the regular AMS Council meeting of November 23, 2016:

What is the Board of Governors? Veronica Knott, one of the two student members on the University’s Board, conducted a little quiz and information session for Council.

Incubator/Entrepreneurship Hub: Jay Singh of the proposed new Incubator service (now to be called the Entrepreneurship Hub) explained how it would spur entrepreneurship on campus.  Councillors had questions about the costs and value of the proposed service.  Jay said he would take the feedback and come back.

A Place for Clubs: Council approved spending $20,600 to improve the Student Life and Sustainability Centre in order to make it more welcoming for clubs, which are meant to use it the way they used the old SAC office: as a place to go to get answers.

Gallery 2.0: Council discussed what to do with the new Gallery (in the old Perch space).  VP Finance Louis Retief said it hasn’t yet been decided what atmosphere to aim for.

Student Engagement: President Ava Nasiri said it would be up to the AMS to get actively involved in consultations next term on the University’s Strategic Plan and not wait for the University to engage us.

Nest Refinancing: Council was told that the Nest refinancing plan is going to the Board of Governors and will save the AMS a large amount of money.

Campus Vibe: VP Administration Chris Scott said the Campus Vibe software program for clubs will be rolled out in December.

Diversity: VP Academic Samantha So said that diversity discussions with the University have moved away from socio-economic diversity, which is disappointing.

Student Housing Rights: VP External Kathleen Simpson said a petition has been launched to ask the provincial government to pass legislation giving the same protection to students in University residences as renters get off campus.

Vice: Hussam Zbeeb, the Student Services Manager, said the Vice service (supporting students with issues about substance use) will be launching in January.

History Book: Sheldon Goldfarb reported that the book is almost finished and Kim Campbell has agreed to write the preface.

Fee exemption: Council amended Code to avoid double-charging students who take a one-year program from January through December.

Constituency budgetary concerns: Engineering rep Jakob Gattinger spoke on the issues raised by reports of a deficit in the Arts Undergraduate Society, saying the AMS is ultimately responsible.  Council discussed various solutions and created an ad hoc committee to look more generally at AMS/Constituency relations.

Demonstrations on campus: President Ava Nasiri reported on complaints about the Lifeline Club and their anti-abortion display.  Some students reported feeling unsafe.  Council discussed the various issues involved.

Next regular Council meeting: January 11, 2017 in the Forum at 6 pm.

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