West 1 Community Schools Team – Youth Engagement

The West 1 Community Schools Team is seeking several energetic and organized individuals to be responsible for delivering after-school programs for school-aged children at a number of elementary schools for the winter and spring term (February-June).
As part of the Community Schools Team (CST), the Youth Engagement Volunteer(s) will organize, mentor, and collaborate with high school leaders to design and deliver quality programs for elementary students.
With direction and support from the CST, the volunteers(s) will administer all aspects of the programs they design, from marketing, delegating responsibilities to youth leaders to lesson planning, organizing games and activities, preparation of supplies, supervising children, recording and monitoring participation levels, liaising with teachers and parents. He/she will be given a complete set of lesson plans to use as a template for their own lessons.
Youth Engagement Volunteers commit to a two hour orientation session- training workshop, prior to volunteering. Programs typically run from 3:00-4:45pm Monday- Friday.

Skills Required
-Post-secondary studies;
-Strong organizational and group leadership skills;
-Ability to problem-solve and multitask;
-Excellent oral and written communication skills;
-Experience working with school-aged and/or high school students;
-Interest and background in Recreation, Child and Youth Care.
Incentive and Skills Acquired
-Experience working within a large school district;
-Networking with diverse stakeholders;
-Project design, lesson planning, implementation, and evaluation;
-Team building and leadership skills;
-Healthy child development practices, age appropriate lesson planning, behavior management;
-Role modeling and youth empowerment; and community-based education
-A letter of reference from the VSB,
-Possible extension and/or employment.

Please send a resume for winter programs by January 20, 2017 and for spring programs by March 3, 2017. Please indicate which season.

Please send a current resume to:
Nicolle Kit, Programmer for the West 1 Community Schools Team

Lovelle Castro, Programmer for the West 1 Community Schools Team


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