Administrative – Winright Law

Job title: Receptionist / Administrative / Legal assistant duties / Accounting

Expected hours per week (relative): We are flexible with hours, but preferably something more stable and consistent

Job location (on or off campus): The volunteers will be working at our office on West Broadway

Detailed job description: Mostly administrative duties, filing, simple accounting duties, receptionist duties, setting appointments/scheduling, answering phone calls, bank runs, organize files. May vary depending on the volunteers’ interests; for example, if they are interested in marketing or accounting, we can put them in those departments and do our best to cater to them

Expected qualifications: None, but preferably basic office etiquette

Preferred degrees (if applicable): Any, but preferably at least year 2 or higher

Number of openings per position: 2-3 positions

An application deadline: None

The type of documents you would like in the application (cover letter, resume, CV, reference letters, etc): Cover letter, resume, references

An email where the applications will be sent to:

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