Council Summaries Council Meeting Summary, January 25th, 2017

Here are notes from the regular AMS Council meeting of January 25, 2017:

BDS Referendum: Council heard a statement from a student at large saying the prospective referendum to boycott Israeli companies violates AMS Code and Bylaws.  The AMS Ombudsperson, Matt Perzow, presented a report on the issue, saying the proposed question lacks clarity and should be referred to Student Court.

Student Court: Council then discussed Student Court, which has not been filled for some years, but defeated a motion to fill it.

Elections: Max Holmes, the new Elections Administrator, announced that Executive elections will take place March 6-10.  Nominations close February 17.  Campaigning begins February 27.  The spending limit for candidates has been raised to $500 (from $350).  There will be new rules on conflict of interest for Elections Committee members.  The aim is for 20% turnout; want to get new voters by explaining what the AMS does.

Investment policy:  VP Finance Louis Retief told Council about plans to amend the investment bylaw to remove the restriction saying AMS investments must be in securities rated Single A or higher.  This restriction has meant low returns (1-2%).  Under a proposed new investment policy, the aim would be to get higher returns (5-6%).  He said this would be a better way to increase AMS revenues than by going to another fee referendum.

Referendum petitions: Council approved using Formstack as a platform to allow petitions to be signed electronically.  VP Academic Samantha So said paper petitions will still be accepted as well.

Elections Committee: Council appointed Evan Aluyen to be the Chief Returning Officer and Tobias Gattinger to be the Events and Communications Officer on the Elections Committee.

Paramedics: Council heard a presentation from two paramedics (including former AMS Councillor Maria Cirstea) about making paramedic services essential, like police and fire.

Next regular Council meeting: February 8, 2017 in the Forum at 6 pm.

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