Referendum Volunteer – AMS

Job title: Referendum Volunteer

Expected Hours per week: 2-3

Job Location: on campus, centered out of the Nest

Job description (up for rewording but general idea):

Looking for engaging, easy-to-speak-to students who want to help run a successful referendum this election season. It would be a 2-3 hour a week position, involving putting advertisements around campus, contacting students regarding the referendum and election, and assisting in give always or other boothing style activities. volunteers would report directly to the Referendum Coordinator, and would be responsible for showing up to weekly team check-ins (approximately 30-45 min in length).

Qualifications: Involved in at least one club or student association, preferably lives on campus (not necessary though), outgoing, engaging people.

The wider range of degrees, the better!

5-8 volunteers, all in generic roles. No one needs specific qualifications

Application Deadline: Friday, February 3rd would be best.

Documentation Needed: A cover letter and resume, reference letters not needed

Applications can be sent to this email: (

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