Music Heals – Outreach Ambassadors

Job title: Outreach Ambassadors

Expected hours per week (relative): 5 to 10, depending on the position and commitment.


Job location (on or off campus): This position is off campus, but there may be opportunities to work together and engage more of the UBC Community.


Detailed job description: Outreach Ambassadors are responsible for conducting outreach activities, in an effort to build awareness and attract new partners, collaborators, and supporters to Music Heals. The Ambassadors work with the Community Outreach Specialist and local partners to support existing opportunities as well as assist in developing new local partnerships. Outreach takes place at events ranging from Community Festivals to Car-Free Days; small and large scale Music Festivals, and partner events.


Expected qualifications:

  • Highly-energetic and passionate representative of Music Heals • Demonstrated ability to successfully communicate and work effectively with individuals from diverse backgrounds and cultures • Strong oral and written communication skills • Valid driver’s license and good driving record (fantastic, but not required) • Strong communication and presentation skills. Additional languages and ASL are not required, but are strong assets.


Music Heals is an all inclusive, safe, and accessible volunteer environment. We welcome volunteers of all abilities, gender identifications, and backgrounds.


Preferred degrees (if applicable): N/A Number of openings per position: 20


An application deadline: Ongoing


The type of documents you would like in the application (cover letter, resume, CV, reference letters, etc): Cover letter and resume.


Email where the applications will be sent to:


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