Council Summaries Council Meeting Summary, April 26, 2017

Here are notes from the regular AMS Council meeting of April 26, 2017:

BoG and Senate reps: Council filled the two non-voting seats for student Senators and the two for student Board of Governors reps.  Sarah Park and Jaymi Booth are the Senate reps.  Kevin Doering and Jeanie Malone are the BoG reps.

BDS:  The Elections Administrator informed Council that the BDS referendum (on boycotting Israeli products) had failed: the vote was 52% No and 48% Yes.  Turnout was 5.5%.

BDS 2: AMS President Ava Nasiri reported that the AMS spent approximately $20,000 on the court case over whether to run the referendum.  The court ruling was a positive one for the AMS, with the court standing behind the AMS decision in the case, setting a good precedent.

New Services: Student Services Manager Hussam Zbeeb reported that the work of Vice, the new service on substance abuse, has been split evenly so far between drugs and alcohol.  The other new Service, eHub (about entrepreneurship), is set to start in September.

Food Cart: Council approved $20,000 for an outdoor Food Cart to be called the Burger Bar (reviving a name from the Old SUB).  There will no longer be a restaurant in the Nest specializing in burgers.

Gallery: Council approved $60,000 to upgrade the Gallery Patio and Lounge.

Farewell to the Old Executive: President Ava Nasiri and the four Vice-Presidents said good-bye.

Councillor of the Year: Jakob Gattinger from Engineering was named Councillor of the Year.

Block Party: Managing Director Keith Hester announced that for the first time Block Party had broken even.

New School: Council learned of the creation of the School of Public Policy and discussed whether to declare what Constituency its students should be in, but decided the situation should be investigated further first.

Student Services Manager: Council approved in principle a motion to make the Student Services Manager a non-voting member of Council, as they used to be.

Committee Reviews: Council directed the Governance Committee to prepare a policy on biannual committee reviews to make sure the committees remain relevant.

Standardized turnover dates: Council passed amendments to Constituency constitutions to make May 1 the start date for all Council members.

Committee tweaking: Council approved in principle minor changes to the composition of the standing committees.

Governance Review: Council discharged the Governance Review Implementation Committee with thanks.

Strategic Plan: Council approved a draft of the Strategic Plan 3.0,  with the understanding that the incoming Executive will work further on it.

Remote Attendance: Council amended Code to allow Council members to take part in Council meetings from afar during the summer months.

VP Academic Office: Council approved changes to the staff structure for the VP Academic.

VP External Office: Council approved a change in hours for a staff member in the VP External Office.

Constituency Fees: Council had it brought to its attention that some Engineering Constituency fees were not being collected or handed over to the Engineering Undergraduate Society, despite having been approved by Council and the Board of Governors.  Other Constituencies were advised to check their accounts.

Next regular Council meeting: May 3, 2017 in the Forum in the Nest at 6 pm.

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