Council Summaries Council Meeting Summary, March 29, 2017

Here are notes from the regular AMS Council meeting of March 29, 2017:

Good-bye to the Speaker:  Abdul Alnaar announced that he will be stepping down as Council Speaker at the end of May.

Good-bye to ABBA:  Council amended Code to transform the Advisory Board for Business and Administration (oh, that ABBA) into an Advisory Board that will offer advice on the whole AMS.

Hello to the Finance Committee: Pursuant to the new Bylaws, Council created a finance committee to replace the old Budget Committee.  It also amended the terms of some of its funds and adopted a new investment policy.

Hello again to the Global Fund: Council renewed the partnership with UBC’s Global Fund for five years.  The partnership supports student-led projects with an international or intercultural focus.

And to the Brewery Committee: Council revived the Brewery Committee in the wake of reports that there may be interest again in going ahead with bringing a brewery to campus.

Revising Sustainability and Finance: Council approved changes to the job descriptions in the Sustainability Office and the VP Finance Office.  There will now be an AVP Sustainability under the VP Administration, and there will be changes to the duties of the AVP Finance.

Business looking good: Council approved a budget for the businesses that projects a $766,432 contribution from the businesses for 2017-18.

More work for the Elections Committee: Council extended the terms of members of the Elections Committee so that they can oversee the potentially upcoming BDS referendum.

Changing How We Do Elections: Outgoing Elections Administrator Max Holmes had a series of recommendations, all but one of which Council accepted in principle, including the abolition of paper posters and of the Voter-Funded Media contest.  Council also accepted a recommendation to ban mutual endorsements by candidates.

Executive reporting: Council passed a policy on how Executives will report to Council.  Under the policy a collective report from the Executive will replace the old individual ternary reports.

BoG and Senate reps: The BoG and Senate reps having lost their voting seats on Council thanks to the Bylaw amendments, Council voted to create non-voting seats for them.

One Date to Rule Them All: Council wrestled with plans to have all the Constituencies turn over at the same time, and directed Constituency presidents to let the AMS President know their feelings on the issue.

Committee restructuring: Council discussed tweaking the composition of the committees.  The Chair of the Governance Committee asked other committee chairs to let her know their thoughts.

Next regular Council meeting: April 26, 2017 in the Forum in the Nest at 6 pm.

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