Council Summaries Council Meeting Summary, June 7, 2017

Here are notes from the regular AMS Council meeting of June 7, 2017:

A New Speaker: Mohamed Shaaban took over as Speaker of Council, replacing Abdul Alnaar, who had served for four years.

Sustainability Goals: Council approved priorities for the coming year, including a Mug Share program, a change in pricing practices (to separate the price of the coffee from the cup, to encourage people to bring their own mugs), a revamp of the overarching Lighter Footprint Strategy, the policy informing AMS sustainability practices, a Zero Waste Squad, and dishware rentals.

Pooja Bhatti also told Council that the Sustainability Office will be moving into the Student Life and Sustainability Centre on the lower level of the Nest.

Showpass: Alim Lakhiyalov, the VP Finance, reported on plans to replace the Rezgo ticketing system for clubs with a new system called Showpass on a one-year trial basis.  He said the Showpass system looks easy to use, has strong customer support, and is geared to clubs.

Who is Akhil? Akhil Jobanputra, the AMS President’s assistant focusing on engagement, introduced himself and told Councillors that his role is to make them comfortable and bring Councillors and Executives together.

Grad Class Council gifts: AMS President Alan Ehrenholz reported that work is being done to bring some old gifts to fruition: a statue that is to go up at the Marine Drive residences and a sign on the knoll saying AMS Nest.  The hundredth anniversary time capsule will also go on the knoll, under the sign.

A Big Thing: Daniel Lam, the VP Academic, intrigued Council by saying there would be a Big Thing coming at the next meeting.  Apparently, it is something to do with a survey.

Alas, 480: Sally Lin, the VP External, reported that TransLink has plans to eliminate the 480 bus, even though it is a highly used route.

Sex, drugs, and rock and roll: Student Services Manager Marium Hamid referred to an upcoming conference on the effect of sex, drugs, and rock and roll on mental health.

Dealing with the new government (whoever it is): Council heard from the Advocacy Committee that it is preparing for the new government and is also working on various projects, such as the rental rights campaign, for which local MLA David Eby has written a letter of support.

Consultation: The Advocacy Committee is also working on a policy on what to do when the University wants to consult with us.

Party Bus (No!): Land and Food representative Julian Diaz asked why the Executive had rescinded an earlier Executive motion to purchase a bus.  AMS President Alan Ehrenholz said the previous Executive wanted a party bus, but the current Executive is against the idea.

Executives on external committees: Council approved a list of appointments of Executives to University and other external committees.

Brewery Committee: Council approved terms of reference for the revived Brewery Committee, which is looking into bringing a brewery to campus.

Next regular Council meeting: June 28, 2017 in the Forum on the fourth floor of the Nest at 6 pm.

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