Council Summaries Council Meeting Summary, May 17, 2017

Here are notes from the regular AMS Council meeting of May 17, 2017:

Appointments! The summer appointments meeting. Newly appointed chairs of AMS Standing Committees include: Cameron England (Advocacy Committee)
Mackenzie Lockhart (Governance Committee)
Wendy Guo (HR Committee)
Lorenzo Lindo (Student Life Committee)

More Appointments: To the revived ad hoc Brewery Committee (chair, Jakob Gattinger) and to external committees such as the CiTR Board of Directors, the Health and Dental Plan Committee, the University’s Ombudsperson Committee, the Aquatic Management Committee, and the Student Legal Fund Society’s board of directors.

Goals! The new Executive presented its goals for the year, both team goals and individual ones. They will be working on the strategic plan and an operational plan, and focusing on communication, engagement, and outreach.

Budget! Council approved the preliminary budget, including a forecast of a $356,000 surplus.

Job descriptions: Council approved changes to titles and hours for some positions in the VP External Office and the VP Finance office.

Next regular Council meeting: June 7, 2017 in the Forum in the Nest at 6 pm.

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