Council Summaries Council Meeting Summary, June 28, 2017

Here are notes from the regular AMS Council meeting of June 28, 2017:

Budget, budget, budget! Council debated several aspects of the AMS budget at length. There was the issue of bringing back the Ombudsperson. Also questions about how the Welcome Back Barbecue would bring in the revenue being forecast for it. And then it turned out that the Finance Committee hadn’t had quorum at the meeting at which it passed the budget.
In the end the budget was approved, but Finance Committee was directed to meet and look it over again and bring it back at the next Council meeting.

Academic Experience: VP Academic Daniel Lam reported that the annual Academic Experience Survey shows that students are feeling safer on campus, but they also report an increase in discrimination, especially gender discrimination. The survey also revealed that 18% of undergraduate students don’t have a fixed and adequate night-time residence.

Athletics: The Academic Experience Survey showed a lack of growth in support for athletics, and indicated that most of the support it does get is from a specific demographic (young white males). This prompted a question about whether lobbying priorities should be changed. AMS President Alan Ehrenholz replied by saying that students had voted for the new $25 fee to build a new recreational facility, but lobbying will be stepped up to ensure that UBC’s Athletics and Recreation program better reflects student priorities.

Strategic Plan: Council was told that the plan is being reconceived to be more bottom-up instead of top-down.

Informal Learning: Julian Villafuerte Diaz (Land & Food) was appointed to the University’s Informal Learning Spaces Committee.

New Communications Manager: Council was informed that Lori McNulty has been named to head the AMS Communications Department.

AMS History Book: Council was told that the book is at the publisher’s, and planning is underway with AlumniUBC for a book launch in the fall.

Ombudsperson: AMS President Alan Ehrenholz explained that though it had been previously decided to go without an Ombudsperson this year, feedback came in saying that the position was a valuable one, and that is why it has been restored in the budget.

Ice cream! Council was informed that there is now an ice cream machine in Pie R Squared. Also, the food cart should be here by the end of July.

SAC is back (sort of): Council was told that procedures from the old SAC Policy Handbook are being edited and adapted to go in the new Clubs Handbook.

CiTR: Council approved a new space agreement with CiTR (the student radio station) to replace the old one from the Old SUB.

Code Changes: Council approved a host of changes, and passed a new Internal Policy on keeping personal information on petitions secure.
The Code changes include:
a) Making the Student Services Manager a non-voting member of Council (again).
b) Removing the non-voting Alumni seat.
c) Restoring rules on club and Constituency deficits.
d) Revamping the Elections Committee.
e) Abolishing Voter-Funded Media.
f) Creating a Presidents Council of Constituency Presidents.
g) Abolishing election endorsements by candidates.
h) Removing the requirement that Student Court function as a standing body.

GSS Referendum: AMS President Alan Ehrenholz informed Council that in accordance with a resolution passed at their 2015 annual general meeting, the Graduate Students Society will be going to referendum in 2018 on the question of whether to remain in the AMS. The GSS has struck a committee to look into this, but nothing has really started yet.
It was agreed to have a fuller discussion at the next Council meeting.

Next regular Council meeting: July 19, 2017 in the Forum on the fourth floor of the Nest at 6 pm.

Sheldon Goldfarb
Archivist & Clerk of Council

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