Council Meeting Summary, August 9, 2017

Here are notes from the regular AMS Council meeting of August 9, 2017:


Sexual Violence Prevention: AMS VP External Sally Lin told Council about an action plan from Carleton University’s student association to do with prevention, support, and advocacy related to sexual violence.  Carleton is hoping other student associations sign on.


Entrepreneurship: Pranav Menon of the new AMS Entrepreneurship service explained to Council how the service hopes to teach people to become more entrepreneurially minded.


Appointments: Juancho Ramirez from Kinesiology was appointed to the HR Committee.  Student Services Manager Marium Hamid and Science rep Wendy Guo were appointed to the Advocacy Committee.


New Councillors? AMS President Alan Ehrenholz announced that it looks like St. Mark’s College will be sending a representative to Council for the first time ever.  Also, Education is aiming to fill its seat.


Softball versus the University: Fresh off the AMS intrasquad game, the AMS Executive and other student leaders are set to take on UBC President Santa Ono and senior University staff in the inaugural Battle of the Bat softball game on Friday, August 11.


Club Appeals and Constituency Media Protocol: VP Administration Pooja Bhatti said the Clubs & Societies working group is looking into an appeals process for clubs that get deconstituted.  Also, the Operations Committee is looking into a media protocol for the Constituencies.


Mural Competition: The Student Life and Sustainability Centre downstairs in the Nest is looking for murals to decorate its walls.


Moving Forward: Advocacy Committee Chair Cameron England said the committee is working on a rubric for hiring members of its new Equity and Student Issues caucuses.  VP External Sally Lin said the new committee bringing together the fraternities and the non-student campus residents had a fruitful first meeting about issues such as noise complaints.


We Have Money for You!  VP Finance Alim Lakhiyalov said there’s going to be more outreach to let students know they can apply to various AMS funds for money.


New artwork?  Through a Grad Class gift, the Nest may be receiving some artwork from Indigenous artist Connie Watts.


Athletics & Recreation: In response to a question about student engagement with Varsity Athletics, AMS President Alan Ehrenholz said the AMS would continue to encourage such engagement, but since more students engage with Recreation than Athletics the AMS is promoting student athletics generally, including recreational leagues.


The History Book: The book launch has been set for October 23, and will include a panel moderated by former Ubyssey editor Justin McElroy, who is now a reporter for CBC Vancouver.


Code and Policies: Council rescinded its old policy against cold beverage exclusivity agreements and heard about University plans to limit sugar-sweetened beverages on campus.  Council also passed a general overhaul of the electoral procedures, mainly to make electronic voting the standard and to bring the procedures in line with current practice.


Gender neutrality: Julian Villafuerte Diaz of Land & Food Systems asked about gender neutrality in the Code, and was told it was something coming in the future.


Ombudsperson: Council approved changes to the job description for the Ombudsperson in an attempt to make the positions as productive as possible.


Temporary HR changes: Council approved motions to reduce the hours of the interim VP Academic, Jakob Gattinger, and increase the hours of his AVP, Max Holmes, for the period leading up to the by-election to choose a new VP Academic.  It also changed the reporting lines for two staff members in the VP Academic’s office.


Canterbury Coffee: AMS Food & Beverage did a blind taste test.  The winner was Canterbury Coffee, and they will be the new AMS supplier.


Next regular Council meeting: August 30, 2017 in the Forum on the fourth floor of the Nest at 6 pm.


Sheldon Goldfarb

Archivist & Clerk of Council

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