Council Meeting Summary, August 30, 2017

Here are notes from the regular AMS Council meeting of August 30, 2017:

 By-Election: The new AMS Elections Administrator, Filza Raza (officially appointed at this meeting along with two other members of the Elections Committee), announced details of the upcoming by-election to choose a permanent VP Academic & University Affairs:

Nominations open September 4.  Campaigning begins September 12.  There will be a debate and an outreach event. Voting is from September 18-22.

The Elections Administrator said her goal is to increase candidate participation and voter turnout over the last by-election, in 2013, when 3.8% of the students voted.

Budget Update: VP Finance Alim Lakhiyalov told Council that AMS businesses are doing better than budgeted, with the top performer being the soon-to-be-renamed Upper Case (it’s becoming the Blue Chip Cafe).  Spending overall is on track.  The only lagging performer is Ph Tea.

Textbook Broke Campaign: Cristina Ilnitchi, from the AMS VP Academic’s office, told Council about new approaches in the campaign to lower students’ textbook expenses.  The main aim is to encourage the University to move to using more free digital resources.

Things On Their Way: AMS President Alan Ehrenholz told Councillors they can look forward to T-shirts advertising the new Mexican food outlet in the Nest (Iwana Taco).  Also coming: the When Women Rise statue (a grad class gift scheduled to be finished in time for International Women’s Day in 2018) and an AMS Nest sign for the Knoll.

More Things On Their Way: Bookmarks advertising the upcoming AMS history book.

SUDS: VP External Sally Lin told Council that SUDS (the Student Union Development Summit) had been a huge success, with 131 attendees from schools across the country.

New Senator: After being postponed twice, the motion to recommend the appointment of a new student Senator from the Land & Food Systems Undergraduate Society was approved.

Code and Policies: Council approved changes to the rules for certain funds, notably the new fund that provides funding to seven specific clubs involved in Campus Culture and Performance.  New rules were also put in place governing reporting of metrics by Constituencies, and Council passed a policy on tuition consultations.

Job Descriptions and Pay Rates: Council approved new job descriptions for two positions, increased pay rates for student staff, and set a new, lower pay rate for chairs of standing committees.  It also confirmed a temporary increase in hours for the AVP Academic.

Sexual Violence Prevention: Council discussed the Our Turn action plan from Carleton University’s student association and seemed generally in favour of signing on.  A motion is expected next time.

Next regular Council meeting: September 13, 2017 in the Forum on the fourth floor of the Nest at 6 pm.


Sheldon Goldfarb

Archivist & Clerk of Council

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