Council Meeting Summary, September 13, 2017

Here are notes from the regular AMS Council meeting of September 13, 2017:

 Remembering the Old Days: Or the past two years.  The meeting began with a review of recent history by the Clerk of Council/Archivist.  He also recited his poem about how to pronounce Alma Mater Society.

Training: The historical presentation was the first of several sessions planned to make up for the lack of a Council retreat, which was originally planned for this month.  Sessions on Robert’s Rules and other topics will be held in the 45 minutes before the next few Council meetings.

AMS History Book: The release date for the book has been pushed back to November, with a book launch still planned, to be held in the Alumni Centre.

Appointments!  The bulk of the meeting was taken up with filling AMS and other committees.  The following Chairs were named:

Advocacy Committee: Sally Lin

HR Committee: Wendy Guo

Governance Committee: Chris Hakim

Student Life Committee: Lorenzo Lindo

Vacancies: AMS President Alan Ehrenholz said that work is being done to fill vacant Constituency seats on Council, and we may see representatives from St. Mark’s College and the School of Population & Public Health for the first time, or at least the first time in years.

Iwanataco: AMS President Ehrenholz noted that several Councillors present were wearing Iwanataco T-shirts to mark the opening of the AMS’s new Mexican food outlet.

Textbook Broke: VP Academic Jakob Gattinger reported that over 1,000 students took part in the campaign about high textbook prices.  Next steps will include speaking to Senate committees and other interested parties.

Inactive Clubs: VP Administration Pooja Bhatti said 40 clubs have been deconstituted and another 40 are in danger of being deconstituted.

Welcome Back sellout: Managing Director Keith Hester announced that the Welcome Back Barbecue had been a 100% sellout and made money for perhaps the first time ever.

Annual General Meeting: Council passed a motion to set the date of the AGM sometime during the week of October 16

Swiftwalks: Council approved a contract with Swiftwalks for software to track data from Safewalk.

Sauder and the Pep Rally: At the request of Simran Cheema from Commerce, Council discussed the name-calling at Imagine Day that was directed at Commerce students.

Next regular Council meeting: September 27, 2017 in the Forum on the fourth floor of the Nest at 6 pm.


Sheldon Goldfarb

Archivist & Clerk of Council

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