Council Meeting Summary, November 8, 2017

Here are notes from the regular AMS Council meeting of November 8, 2017:

Pre-meeting: Councillors who arrived early heard the VP Academic (Max Holmes) and the VP Administration (Pooja Bhatti) make informal presentations about the University’s Excellence Fund and the various sorts of AMS clubs.

New people and old: Once the official meeting began Council appointed Waged Jafer to be the new AMS Ombudsperson and reappointed Filza Raza as the Elections Administrator.

MacInnes Field Parkade: VP Academic Max Holmes informed Council about safety concerns surrounding the University’s proposed construction of an underground parkade next to the AMS Student Nest. There have been discussions with the University, and the Board of Governors has directed that the concerns be taken into account, but the results have so far not been satisfactory from the AMS point of view. Max will report again at the next meeting.

Porch: Managing Director Keith Hester announced that there will be a soft opening for the Porch, the new vegan/vegetarian food outlet, on November 15.

Steering Committee: Council approved a minor change to the powers of the Steering Committee, and Chris Hakim, the Chair of the Governance Committee, said his committee is looking into other changes to the Steering Committee.

Ad hoc committee chairs: After extended debate, Council agreed that the chairs of ad hoc committees should be paid the same as the chairs of standing committees.

Academic Experience Survey: Council approved a policy requiring that such a survey be done annually and providing guidelines for how it should be done. The AMS has conducted such a survey for the past five years.

Attracting volunteers: Council discussed how to attact volunteers to fill positions in the Student Issues and Equity Caucuses (new bodies that function under the Advocacy Committee).

Student Court: Council received a submission from the Governance Committee recommending that Student Court be abolished.

Next regular Council meeting: November 22, 2017 in the Forum on the fourth floor of the Nest at 6 pm.

Sheldon Goldfarb
Archivist & Clerk of Council

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