CiTR Student Radio Station

CiTR Student Radio Station

233-6138 SUB Blvd.
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z1 

CiTR 101.9 FM is the broadcasting voice of the University of British Columbia.

  • On-air line: 604-822-CiTR (2487)
  • Music Coordinator: 604-822-8733
  • Station Manager: 604-822-1242
  • Program Coordinator: 604-822-3017 ext. 4
Reaching over two million listeners, our signal reverberates from Point Grey east to Langley, north to Squamish and south to our neighbours in Bellingham, Washington. Run by volunteers from the campus and local community, CiTR attempts to provide a listening experience unlike that found elsewhere on the dial. A vast variety of music, news, spoken word and arts, and sports programming can be heard each day.

CITR Community Services
You don’t have to be a member. You don’t have to be a UBC student. CiTR is willing to provide the following services, just for you, absolutely free, out of the kindness of our hearts:

Public Service Announcement
Our DJ’s are hungry for information about events happening in and around Vancouver so they can keep their unwitting listeners informed. Tell us when, where, how much and what to wear and we’ll be sure to tell ten friends and they’ll tell ten friends and so on and so on.

Pre-recorded Announcement
A slick, pre-recorded, produced gem—able to persuade millions! These creative wonders by our production department can be witty, serious, tastefully or not-so- tastefully done, prepared according to your specifications, always an aurally satisfying treat. They are designed for benefits and public services only.

Host a show!
CiTR provides all the necessary training for you to host your own show. The trainings cover the technical, production, and programming aspects of radio broadcasting. CiTR welcomes all genres of music and spoken word programming. Come get trained and start hosting a show!

Get Media Coverage

Are you doing something on the campus or in the community that others should know about? CiTR provides coverage of campus and community activities and events. Contact the News Department at, the Arts Department at or the Sports Department at