Bernoulli’s Bagels

Bernoulli’s Bagels

Mon to Fri: 7am – 7pm
Sat: 10am – 3pm
SUB Ground Floor
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Bernoulli’s Bagels Menu

Bernoulli’s Bagels serves genuine Montreal-style bagels that are hand-made daily downstairs in Bernoulli’s bakery. We make them the traditional way using pure, high-quality ingredients, fresh yeast, and never add preservatives.

Our Sandwiches and Melts

Like our bagels, our sandwiches and bagel melts are made using only the highest quality ingredients: Black Forest ham, Abruzzo salami, and real smoked turkey breast. We order in fresh produce daily and grill or roast our eggplant, peppers, fennel, and onions, etc., in-house. Our condiments are all made from scratch.

We use one kind of cream cheese: Philadelphia brand, regular or light. It costs more than other cream cheese, but hey… our bagels deserve the best. Our flavoured cream cheeses are made on the premises with fresh ingredients.

Compliment any bagel sandwich with a hot bowl of soup or a glass of freshly squeezed vegetable or citrus juice. Carrot-ginger, Macintosh apple, celery and beet, orange, and grapefruit are just a few of the combinations you can try! Or try a frosty iced cappuccino or tropical fruit slushee.

About Bernoulli’s Bagels

Our bagels are made on the premises and are kettle boiled in honey water and baked on a clay-bottomed rotary oven to create that authentic chewy top crust and slightly crispy bottom. This is why they taste like bagels and not buns with holes in the middle.

Every bagel is weighed to ensure consistency, but our bagels are hand-rolled. If you find some bagels slightly irregular in shape, that’s why! After all, our bakers are only human.

We bake our bagels fresh throughout the day. Your bagel will never be more than a few hours from the oven.


Vegan and Vegetarian Items

  • Garden Bagel
  • Regular pretzels with honey lime mustard
  • Toasted peanut butter and jam with bananas
  • Money’s Garden Bagel Burger
  • The Four Cheese and Tomato Bagel Melt
  • Mediterranean Bagel Melt
  • Veggie Bagel with cream cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and cucumbers on your choice of bagel

Grab and Go

  • Pizza Pretzels
  • Squeelers
  • Calzones

We are adding more varieties of whole grain bagels. The new favourite is the Whole-Wheat Sesame. But the most popular bagel melt by far is the Four-Cheese and Tomato!

Our Philosophy

At Bernoulli’s Bagels, we have a strong commitment to fresh, wholesome, quality ingredients, friendly service, competitive pricing, and sustainability. We compost much of our vegetable waste, recycle all of our waste paper and cardboard, and try to source our products locally wherever possible. We understand the necessity of providing take-out containers, but please remember that we offer discount incentives when you bring your own mug or reusable containers or bowl.

We hope you enjoy your Bernoulli’s experience. We believe in our product and stand by our commitment to customer satisfaction. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to contact us at