AMS Clubs A-Z Listing

There are over 370 AMS student clubs for you to choose from at UBC. That’s 370 ways to get involved and enhance your overall university experience! If you are a clubs executive or are interested in forming your own club please see our Clubs Resources page.

Clubs contacts:

Academic / Management Community Service Cultural/Identity/Social
Leisure/Hobby/Special Interest Media/Arts/Performance Rec/Athletic
Political/Social Action Science Spiritual


(“A Cappella” to “Awareness for World War II in Asia Club”)

A Cappella (UBC A Cappella) UBC A Cappella provides an aural experience of vocal harmonization and percussion without any instrumental accompaniment. The club currently consists of 4 singing groups. The Undeclared Majors, The Unaccompanied Minors, and Choral Reef are all co-ed groups, and there is also an all-female ensemble. Our repertoire includes (but is not limited to) pop, rock, jazz, indie, and other contemporary genres. UBC A Cappella also holds a variety of workshops throughout the year, spanning topics such as beatboxing, arranging, and vocal technique. | |
A Club of Ice and Fire A Club of Ice and Fire is UBC’s only club dedicated to everything ‘Game of Thrones’.  We run events for fans of both the book series ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ and the TV series ‘Game of Thrones’.  Everyone is welcome, even if you’ve only just gotten into the books or show since we try to be a Spoiler-Free zone!
Accounting Club What can a career in accounting do for you? Start off your year with action-packed events, opportunities to build life-long relationships, and discover a world beyond the numbers. With over fifty events every year, the Accounting Club offers a diverse profile of experiences for you to discover your career goals. Learn more on our website! |
Addiction Awareness Club UBC Addiction Awareness Club aims to improve understanding of drug and alcohol addictions, as well as provide resources to students who may struggle with substance abuse. If you are interested in learning more about addictions or would like to help our cause through volunteering opportunities, please join us!
Africa Awareness Initiative UBC Africa Awareness Initiative, hereby referred to as Africa Awareness or AAI, is committed to improving discourse surrounding and including Africa at the University of British Columbia. In our capacity as UBC students, we aim to produce outstanding academic forums to encourage critical discussions pertaining to the relevance of the African continent, the Diaspora and its globalization. In order to realize our vision, our mission is to exceed the layperson’s expectations of how much Africa has to give to the world. We will accomplish this by presenting world-class African scholars, writers, artists and activists representative of the high standard of knowledge being produced about |
Agape Street Missions UBC Agape is a non-religious, 100% student-run homeless outreach club. We provide flexible and meaningful ways for students to help the street-entrenched of the downtown West Side. Join us and participate in our small group food distribution outings three times a week (Mon., Wed., Fri.) and interact with the homeless! |
AISES UBC AISES works to promote, initiate, and provide educational services for Indigenous students in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) disciplines. UBC AISES is the only professional society established by and for Indigenous peoples that specifically emphasizes lifelong learning and educational achievement by utilizing cultural aspects with STEM. |
AIESEC UBC As the world’s largest student-run organization, AIESEC provides students with opportunities (local and overseas) for leadership development and cultural experiences through its membership and exchange programs. |
Allies at UBC |
Alternative and Integrative Medical Society (AIMS) AIM’s mandate is to provide quality resource in the field of integrative medicine to students, professionals and members of the community.
President: Kay Wong
Amateur Radio Society of UBC In the age of the Internet, cell phones, and other wireless technology, what is the point of Amateur Radio? If you’re interested in gaining some relevant technical skills or want volunteer opportunities (such as emergency radio communication during events like the Vancouver Sun Run), come check out one of the oldest clubs on campus!
Ambassadors For Jesus Our mission is to represent Jesus in the power of the Holy Spirit and to be a community dedicated to serving, loving, and teaching students. We are a generation of desperate people who want to see God’s Kingdom built on this earth. From Fellowship to Worship Invasion, we are excited about what God has planned for UBC this year. |
Amnesty International UBC As an affiliate of the NGO Amnesty International, we raise awareness and funds for human rights worldwide. We hold fundraising events, host speakers, and organize an annual human rights conference on a selected topic each March. Weekly meetings and biweekly letter writing sessions give students ample opportunities for involvement.
Anime Club The Anime Club brings together those with an interest in anime, manga, video games/visual novels, Vocaloids, Japanese culture, and more.
Anthropology Students’ Association We act as a liaison between the department and students. Join us for events, exhibits, and the opportunity to publish your work in the Anthropology Students Journal.
Presidents: Michele Morucci and Nicole Aleong
App Development Club
Aqua Society (Scuba Diving) Plunge into the beautiful waters of the West Coast with the oldest dive club in Canada! We teach all levels of scuba diving and organize club dives in BC and the tropics. | | | 604-822-3329
Arab Student Association Our goal is to present Arab culture and history to students. We hope to promote the unity of Arab students, and bring together Arabs and non-Arabs to create a multicultural community. |
UBC Archaeology Club The Archaeology Club aims to gather students together that are interested in archaeology. We provide monthly hub nights where students come together to talk about recent archaeological discoveries, excavations and/or any topic that students want to talk about. Also we provide our members with fun lectures by our very own professors, visits to local museums, as well as presentations by students who have been on archaeological digs. So if you are interested in archaeology come check us out!
Armenian Students Association The Armenian Students Association is focusing on bringing together Armenians on campus, and educating non-Armenians about our culture and history. Our goal is to build strong relationship with students from other clubs at UBC. We want everyone to feel welcome. Our club is also the place to speak and be heard, to bring new ideas on development of our and other countries in the region from both cultural and political prospective. |
Art History Student Association The AHSA is home base for all art history students and art lovers at UBC. We are committed to supporting our student body and arts community academically as well as socially through various events and programs. Our members organize and execute the annual Art History Undergraduate Symposium, Art Films 101, film series and various other events. |
Arts Co-op Student Association ACSA is a welcoming community for all Arts Co-op students. We help students get the most out of their co-op by hosting networking, professional development, and social events. |
Asian Canadian Cultural Organization ACCO connects students of all backgrounds to pan Asian-Canadian issues. Through collaborative art exhibitions, innovative music festivals, and dynamic discussion events, we raise awareness for pertinent issues, explore new ideas, and challenge conventional stereotypes. Our members regularly participate in educational and networking events and apply their knowledge to create positive social change at UBC and beyond. |
Asian Debate Club The ADC is the only club specializing in Chinese language debates in BC. We provide training and support for our members to enhance speech fluency and eloquence in Cantonese. We hold a number of workshops to develop our members’ skills in speaking and debating. Our annual Inter-University Debating Competition unites debaters from UBC, SFU, and UVIC.
Asian Studies Interests Association ASIA provides a wide variety of social, academic, and career-focused events for Asian Area Studies majors, Asian Language & Culture majors, and anyone with an interest in Asian culture! We facilitate a cultural exchange program between UBC’s domestic students and international students from all across Asia. We also host guest lectures and help students connect with faculty in the Asian Studies Department. |
Association of Korean-Canadian Scientists and Engineers (AKCSE) AKCSE provides a network of supports and resources for students interested in science and engineering. Our various events allow students to experience a unique blend of social and professional development.
Association of Latin American Students (ALAS) If you enjoy salsa dancing and the warmth of the Latin culture, this is your club! ALAS offers diverse social activities and support for new students. Bienvenidos! | Facebook: Association of Latin American Students at UBC
Astronomy Club of UBC The UBC Astronomy Club consists of students who share a passion for amateur astronomy. We welcome students from all disciplines who share an interest in astronomy. The club holds observation nights about once a month and organizes student talks on interesting topics in astronomy.
Aviation Club Aviation enthusiasts and people who are interested in aviation meet at the UBC Aviation Club. The club explores the aviation world through interactions with airlines, pilots, and experts. We also organize various tours, seminars, and social events, including the superb opportunity and experience flying an airplane with an instructor.
Awareness for World War II in Asia Club UBC AWWA is the only youth-led group in BC that focuses on the often overlooked history of WWII in Asia. Through community events, on-campus gatherings, and outreach activities, members learn about and raise awareness for social justice issues, historical controversies, and peace.


(“Badminton Club” to “Biz China”)

Badminton Club We provide students, faculty, and friends with a friendly place to play and practice badminton. Whether you are new to the sport, or own a racquet that costs more than your tuition, players of all levels are welcome. |
UBC Ballet Club

We have a recreational class, as well as a competitive team that competes in local competitions at the end of march. And as a member of our club you can get discounted rates for adult ballet classes at the Goh Ballet School. Find us on Facebook under ‘UBC Ballet Club’.

Bangladesh Students’ Association Bangladesh Students’ Association organizes cultural, sports, and social programs (such as New Year’s celebrations) with organizations from UBC and beyond throughout the year. We provide support for incoming Bangladeshi students at UBC. We also promote awareness about Bangladesh among UBC students.
Beads and Craft Club Our club provides a great opportunity for individuals to explore their creative side and design crafts including jewelry, cell phone straps, coffee cozies and more! With a team of supportive executives, interactive workshops are held bi-weekly and are accompanied by delicious snacks! Check out our website and join our club today:
Beneath One Sky Beneath One Sky UBC is a campus branch of Beneath One Sky, a secular non-profit organization devoted to raising awareness and taking initiative to conquer poverty in our local and global communities. Join us as we educate, volunteer and make positive change together!
Best Buddies Organization Best Buddies is a national charitable organization dedicated to enhancing our communities through one-on-one friendships between students, and individuals with intellectual disabilities. Best Buddies is grounded in the belief that friendship is important to the development of all individuals and individuals with intellectual disabilities can become a part of their communities through such friendships.
Bhangra Club We enjoy encouraging Indo-Canadian culture and by joining you will be a part of a large network of students who are also passionate about all things related to Bhangra.
Beauty Avenue Beauty Avenue is the first and only beauty club at UBC providing students with beauty-related events (for skincare, nails, and makeup) throughout the year.
Bicycle Co-op |
Big Brothers at UBC The Big Brothers at UBC club represents a community raising on-campus awareness and funds for Big Brothers and its programs, as well as, providing social/networking events for Big Brothers volunteers and anyone who supports the good cause of Big Brothers. We plan to expand in our efforts to further develop support and participation with the future | 
Bike Club A club dedicated to riding and having fun on two wheels, both competitively and recreationally. All cycling disciplines are welcome! |
Bike Kitchen |
Billiards Club Play pool, learn pool, and meet other players. We hold regular workshops, ladder leagues, and tournaments throughout the year. Join us now! |
Biochemistry Pharmacology Physiology Club BPP is committed to informing and connecting students in the three programs. We offer a wide range of events on peer mentoring, research, professional schools and more!
Biological Sciences Society (BioSoc) Events, exam packs, and great ways to network with professors and researchers are just the start! Visit our office or website to learn more! |
Birding Club Love birds? Want to get to know more about our feathered friends? Then the UBC Birding Club is for you! We are a club dedicated to those with an interest in birds, bird-watching, and nature. We provide an environment where those who love birds may gather to share their interest as well as workshops aimed at beginners to introduce basic bird-watching and bird identification skills. We will also visit local birding hotspots such as Riefel Bird Sanctuary and Stanley Park! First and foremost, we seek to promote awareness and appreciation for the natural environment. All levels are welcome!
 | |
Blank Vinyl Project Blank Vinyl Project is the first student-run recording label at UBC. BVP focuses on musicians and provides performance and jamming opportunities for all our members.
The Blood Services Association of UBC We partner with Canadian Blood Services to promote blood donation. Members get access to info sessions, career nights, and a network in blood donation and treatment.
Nathan Lee
UBC Blood for Life  UBC Blood For Life aimed to diversify and expand Canada’s stem cell donor and blood donor registry. Our goal is to make sure that every individual is able to participate in our cause even if he or she is unable to aid in the more traditional route of donation. Our aim is to raise awareness about the opportunities of stem cell donation, blood donation to Canadian Blood Services as well as to NetCAD, the only blood research centre in all of Canada located on campus, at |
Born for More Baptist Student Ministry Born for More Baptist Student Ministry is a Christian club that welcomes all students. We focus on building relationships in the campus community through fun events such as Bible studies, worship, and fellowship; and by supporting students as they develop their relationship with Jesus. |
Botany Enthusiasts’ Club BEC’s goal is to provide an opportunity for people with an interest in plants, gardening, or farming to meet each other, learn, and have fun. We host gardening tutorials, greenhouse tours, and terrarium sales.
Boxing Club Join the AMS Boxing Club to experience legendary conditioning and boxing. We train at both UBC and Sugar Ray’s downtown where there are excellent conditioning programs and trainers most hours of the day to train. Whether you want to get more fit, learn self-defense, or are interested in competing one day, there is a place for you. Most members never step into the boxing ring and instead use our resources to build conditioning and strength both mentally and physically. Guys and girls of all fitness levels welcome!
Brewing Club The Brewing Club holds workshops and provides equipment for homebrewing. Save yourself some cash and brew cheap and delicious beer! | FB: brUBC
Buddhist Student Association |
Business Asia We attempt to discuss the political, economic, cultural, and social aspects affecting the business environments and markets of the Asian economies. In addition to promoting discussion, our goal is to provide a networking basis in which students can forge connections in foresight of their future careers. All students are welcome to participate.
Business Communications Club Bizzcomm’s mission is to provide every student with the opportunity to develop their communication skills and networking abilities in order to help them succeed in today’s competitive world. Regardless of what faculty you are in, no matter what you end up doing in life; having excellent communications skills is vital to your success. |
Business Technology Network The BizTech Network offers students the opportunity to enhance their IT skills and network with industry professionals. Through our intuitive workshops, learn to create professional posters and programs, design websites, and manipulate graphics. Enjoy our conferences with speakers like CIO’s, IT managers, advisors and consultants. No prior IT experience is required. |
Biz China China’s rising status in the global market = Time to tap into China’s business potential! If you are looking for a place to hone your interpersonal skills and sharpen your business acumen, while still retaining a special focus on China, and maybe make a few lifelong friends along the way…… look no further, BizChina is the right club for you! | |


(“Canto Pie” to “Cube Club”)

Canto Pie Canto Pie is the first and only UBC student organization devoted to promoting the Cantonese language and enhancing people’s understanding and appreciation of Cantonese culture. Throughout the year, we provide Cantonese lessons and hold cultural events. We hope to bridge the gap between different people and offer an opportunity for people to learn about Cantonese culture.
Campus Association for Baha’i Studies at UBC The Campus Association for Baha’i Studies aims to engage students in the study of the history, philosophy and teachings of the Baha’i Faith, while exploring their application to social issues facing our world today.
Campus Conservatives The UBC Campus Conservative Club is an association of conservative minded students at the University of British Columbia. We are affiliated with the Conservative Party of Canada.
FB: UBC Campus Conservative |
Canadian Association of Pharmacy Students and Interns (CAPSI) CAPSI is a student-run professional organization that promotes and advocates the interests of pharmacy students and interns across Canada. CAPSI works closely with various national and local organizations to provide students with limitless opportunities to network and explore different options in pharmacy. Students have the opportunity to participate in national competitions, conferences and international exchange.
Canadian Liver Foundation of UBC Our mission is to reduce the impact of liver disease through education and awareness, fundraising for research, and volunteering for patient support programs.
UBC Cancer Association The UBC Cancer Association aims to raise cancer awareness, health promotion, and funds for cancer research and survivor support programs. We host numerous events throughout the year for both general club members and the wider UBC community.
Caribbean African Association The Caribbean African Association (CAA) aims to celebrate and raise awareness about the multi-faceted nature of the Caribbean and African diversity and culture.
Carl Sagan Association for the Communication of Science The Carl Sagan Association for the Communication of Science (“CSA”) is a new AMS student club set to launch this Winter term. Our mission is to make science interesting and accessible to everyone through effective science communication. Science communication is the art of making scientific knowledge and methods interesting and accessible to a general audience. This year, we’ll be hosting on-campus screenings of Carl Sagan’s famous Cosmos series.
“…Carl Sagan’s Cosmosstill educates, entertains and inspires awe… [it] is a complete science course, encompassing not just cosmology but also chemistry, physics, biology, and the history of human discovery.”— The GuardianThese screenings are just the beginning. Over time, we will expand our efforts into new and creative forms of science communication. We look forward to meeting you!
Website: | Newsletter:
Catholic Christian Outreach Catholic Christian Outreach (CCO) is a university student movement dedicated to evangelization. We challenge students to live in the fullness of the Catholic faith, with a strong emphasis on becoming leaders in the renewal of the world. We run small group faith studies, open to people of all faith backgrounds. We host events both on and off campus during the year like Eucharistic Adoration, speakers, and social gatherings. Contact us by email for more information! | |
Chess Club The UBC Chess Club has a glorious history, having existed for more than 50 years. The legendary Fischer vs. Taimanov chess match was even held in the Norm Theater in 1971. Our goal is simply to promote the game of chess to the UBC community. We welcome all to join us at our weekly meetings. |
Chinese Art Student Society The Chinese Art Student Society is about exploring and creating. We teach art practices and history through workshops with a relaxing, entertaining atmosphere. |
Chinese Christian Fellowship Chinese Christian Fellowships (CCF) are Cantonese speaking students from various campuses in Greater Vancouver, with gatherings at UBC, SFU and Kwantlen. We see ourselves as a team of student missionaries whose purpose is to share and live out the gospel of Jesus Christ in our campuses. Through connecting with schoolmates in creative ways, we desire to be a bridge between students and the church, bringing them to know and encounter Jesus.|
Chinese Collegiate Society Founded in 1987, CCS is a non-profit student-run organization. Our aim is to provide a well-balanced university life for our members, and to contribute generously to our community. We organize a wide range of events that has kept us as one of the best and largest student clubs on the UBC campus. |
Chinese Students and Scholars Association CSSA is a non-political student organization encompassing members from undergraduate to graduate students. We are the only club at UBC recognized and sponsored by the Chinese consulate. We specialize in welcoming newcomers to Canada, and we host social events and self-help seminars to help with the transition to university life.
Chinese Students’ Association Established in 1956, CSA is the first and longest-standing Chinese student club at UBC. To promote the relationship between the BC Chinese and Canadians, CSA organizes numerous athletic, social, and cultural events including ski trips, dances, shows, and senior home visits. CSA attracts over 1000 members each year, making us a leading Chinese club on campus.
Chinese Varsity Club The CVC – a non-profit social club – is dedicated to providing a variety of fun events for any student, such as our Ski Trip, Talent Show, Interactive Dinner Theatre and more. | | Office: SUB 62
University Christian Ministry We are a student-led community passionate about our faith in Christ. Through our five core values of discipleship, prayer, worship, fellowship, and witness, we seek to help students enter into and grow in a personal relationship with Christ. We meet Thursday nights in small groups throughout the week. Come join us! |
Christian Students at UBC We are believers in Christ who love the Lord Jesus and endeavour to give Him “the first place in all things” (Col. 1:18). Our desire is to cooperate with Him for the accomplishment of God’s eternal purpose (Eph. 3:11) by ministering the unsearchable riches of Christ (Eph. 3:8) for the building up of the Body of Christ (Eph. 4:12). We welcome you to our weekly Bible studies. |
Circle K International Circle K International is a collegiate student-led organization dedicated to promoting leadership through the act of service. Our three tenets are leadership, fellowship, and service. Through the promotion of these mandates as well as activities such as local volunteering opportunities, international fundraising events, and leadership conferences, we try to encourage our members to make a change but remember that having fun is included in the process! Please contact us for more information on how to make a difference within our community!
Classical, Near Eastern, and Religious Studies Student Association (CNERS) The CNERS club at UBC is dedicated to all things ancient. We have multiple pub nights, movie nights, and toga parties throughout the year. Our aim is to bring the ancient cultures of the Mediterranean to life for all to enjoy.
Club de Español The Club de Español is open to all UBC students interested in learning and speaking Spanish. Everyone is welcome, regardless of level of Spanish!
Cognitive System Society The CSS supports students in the COGS program, and those interested in COGS-related fields like neuroscience, artificial intelligence, and robotics. Don’t miss our popular licensed events: Welcome Back BBQ, Robot Party, and Masters of Debate. Find our patio-inclusive lab in the Friedman building basement for studying and relaxing. Join us in welcoming our future robot friends! |
Coin and Stamp Club Whether you’re a beginner or have already amassed a collection bigger than your dorm room, join us for shop and swaps, dinners, field trips, lectures and auctions. |
Colloquium Club Colloquium, originating from Latin, means conversation or speak together. Our Colloquium club focuses on creating discussion forums on issues of current affairs in a friendly environment. Focusing on the theme of the year, we regularly hold talks by invited speakers from multiple disciplines to further stimulate our minds.
Combined Major in Science Student Association (CMSSA) CMSSA is a newly formed club committed to assisting communication between potential and current CMS students. It will offer a variety of events aimed to inform CMS students about career options, co-op opportunities, requirements for specific disciplines within CMS and more.
Contact Kevin Lee,
Computer Science Students’ Society The CSSS is the club for Computer Science majors here at UBC. We are here to provide Computer Science students with a wide range of career and social activities. We host spectacular gaming nights and other exciting events. Find us in the Computer Science building near Reboot Café.
Consulting Club The UBC Consulting Club aims to create unparalleled value for students aspiring to become successful consultants. We continuously strive to bridge the gap between the professional industry of consulting, and students at UBC. We hope to expose to students the opportunities a consulting career can offer. Check our website for more information!
Co-op Student Association of Sauder COSAS is dedicated to forming a welcoming community for all Co-op students at Sauder. We connect junior Co-op students with seniors and provide opportunity for all of them to give back to the Co-op program. We also host the annual Award Night for the best employer and best Co-op student.
Cooking Club Dedicated to sharing culinary skills and connecting foodies alike. Hands on cooking sessions, community volunteer opportunities, and socials.
CFC-Youth Campus Based of UBC CFC-Youth is the youth arm of Couples for Christ (CFC) Global Mission Foundation, a Catholic Charismatic lay movement. CFC-Youth is present on campus to answer the call of being and bringing Christ wherever they are by teaching and empowering university-aged young adults through events such as general assemblies and small-group gatherings. Join us for fellowship, praise and worship, talks, and discussion to build friendships and to grow in faith and discover God and His love. Email: CFC-Youth Campus Based Facebook page:
The Cube The Cube is the club for Computer Science majors, here to provide CS students with a wide variety of career and social activities. We host amazing gaming nights and other exciting events. | Office: ICICS 021
Cube Club Cube Club is a business club with a twist. We bring students across all academic disciplines to build connections, engage interests and create business opportunities. Through key networking and cubing events, members will network with talented individuals from universities including UBC, Stanford, Berkeley, Caltech and Notre Dame. Cube Club goes beyond Rubik’s Cube. We create learning, social and professional opportunities for its members. So what are you waiting for? Think outside the Cube.


(“Dance Club” to “Dragon Boat Club”)

Dance Club “I can’t dance.” Not an excuse. “Two left Feet?” We can work with that. Try something new, join the UBC Dance Club! Meet People. Learn to Ballroom Dance. #UBCDanceClub |
Dance Horizons Dance Horizons is a student-run, non-profit organization dedicated to encouraging dancers to develop their talents and to get involved in the dance community. We provide opportunities to develop technical, performance, and leadership skills in a casual environment that is open to dancers of all skill levels and styles. Our classes range from hip-hop to ballet and are taught by reputable instructors at competitively affordable prices. |
Dance Team The UBC Dance Team is a semi-professional dance company composed of UBC students with several years of competitive experience. The company’s members come from a variety of dance backgrounds with focus on  jazz, ballet, and contemporary. We perform at various fundraisers and events at UBC and around the Greater Vancouver area.
Debating Society
Dollar Project The UBC Dollar Project is a group of globally-minded students who seek to eliminate apathy by promoting a culture of awareness and dialogue, and by spurring individuals to act. By working collaboratively to support charitable organizations and student groups, we strive to instill a sense of community, leadership, and collective growth both on campus and locally |
Dragon Boat Club The UBC Dragon Boat Club is an athletic club for both new and returning paddlers to participate in dragon boat festivals and increase their athleticism. Our goal is to become a competitive team in the Rec A or B division while practicing twice a week starting in late September. We will end our season by racing in North America’s largest festival, the Rio Tinto Alcan Dragon Boat festival. |


(“eBusiness Club” to “Exchange Student Club”)

eBusiness Club UBC eBusiness Club will teach you how to win in the digital space. We’re passionate about ecommerce, social media, and the cloud.
Enactus Club Enactus at UBC is a part of an international organization that uses social entrepreneurship to benefit those in need while helping students become socially responsible leaders of tomorrow. Our team competes every year against other Enactus teams from 1,600 other universities in competitions hosted by Enactus. Connect with us and be a part of our international community today! |
Economics Student Association The ESA is the home organization for Economics students at UBC. ESA seeks to foster camaraderie amongst the department’s student population, and we are proud of its focus on strong internal relationships. Member development and care is important to us; we provide for our members by enhancing both academic and social aspects of our members’ campus life. |
Education Students’ Association
Electronic Dance Music Club The UBC EDM Club promotes interest in electronic dance music by organizing social functions in the UBC community. The club gives members the opportunity to DJ at club events and is open to all UBC students interested in electronic dance music.
Electrical and Computer Engineering Student Society (ECESS) Our student members get access to tutoring sessions, industry networking events, and entertaining social events throughout the year. |
Engineering Physics Society
Engineering Physics Student Association We represent students within the Engineering Physics undergraduate program. We work with UBC Physics and Astronomy, as well as Applied Science. In addition to representing our student body, we also organize and run events ranging from industrial liaisons to general social events. |
English Students’ Association The English Students’ Association (ESA) connects English students with one another by coordinating social events for students studying either Language or Literature in English Major, Minor, and Honours programs. Highlights include ice-cream cake, tea, and PAPERS (People Attempting Prose and Enjoying Replenishing Sustenance). The ESA also provides opportunities for undergraduate students to publish their creative and academic work in The Garden Statuary (The Undergraduate Journal of English). |
UBC Entrepreneur Society The UBC Entrepreneur Society is a not-for-profit organization designed to stimulate interest in and awareness of entrepreneurship amongst students at the University of British Columbia. The ES embodies its vision to inspire, imagine, and innovate by striving to provide students with the means to create applicable and contextual ideas and environments in which to network. |
Environmental Design Society Made up of Environmental Design students in the School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture, our primary focus is to provide academic and social support for the program’s students. In addition, we communicate to a wider audience the role of design in shaping the way we inhabit and form relationships to our natural and built environments.
Environmental Engineering Student Association The EESA is a club for Environmental Engineering students that organizes social and academic events throughout the year. Come find our clubroom on the 3rd floor of the CHBE building!
Environmental Science Students Association ESSA represents students in the Environmental Sciences program at UBC. We are dedicated to bringing together those passionate about environmental sciences. We organize events for students to get acquainted outside the classroom. We also hold academic conferences and discussions with professionals in the environmental sciences field, as well as organize study groups and outdoor activities.
eProjects eProjects is a student entrepreneurship organization whose goal is to assist young entrepreneurs to build successful businesses. We educate students through workshops, seminars and speaker series held by experienced industry professionals. Fund student projects through in-house investments and connecting students to angels and venture capital funding. | |
eSports Association Are you passionate about gaming? So are we! The UBC eSports Association is composed of over 300 active members who connect through a mutual interest in gaming, whether it be casual or competitive. Our community is based around three popular video game series: League of Legends, Starcraft II, and Dota 2.
Equestrian Club The UBC Equestrian Club was constituted to provide the opportunity for riders of all levels to participate in intercollegiate competitions. We host social events for riders and horse enthusiasts to form a community of “horse people” at UBC. Whatever your level of expertise, we encourage you to contact us and find out more.
Exchange Student Club On exchange? Interested in exchange or travelling? Check out the Exchange Student Club! We’re a social club that hosts events meant to connect people from across the globe. You get the opportunity to meet some amazing people while getting deals at parties and sporting events!


(“Falun Dafa Fellowship” to “Fun Run Club”)

Falun Dafa Fellowship Come and feel our positive energy at Falun Dafa Fellowship! Falun Dafa, also called Falun Gong, is an ancient spiritual discipline, introduced by Mr. Li Hongzhi in 1992. Based on the universal principles of Truthfulness, Compassion, and Tolerance, it is a self-cultivation practice that improves mental and physical wellness through meditation and simple exercises. It has been well documented that Falun Gong can relieve stress and anxiety, increase energy and vitality, improve physical health, and promote spiritual growth and enlightenment. Why not give yourself a chance to learn about Falun Dafa and its benefits, free of charge? |
University Fashion Club University Fashion Club is creating a fashion community where students can share interests, demonstrate unique styles, immerse themselves in the industry and meet industry professionals. |
Federal Young Liberals Our facebook page is Our Twitter is @UBC_YLC. Our website (soon to be up) is The UBC Young Liberals is dedicated to advancing the aims of liberalism in Canada and supporting the Liberal Party of Canada. We regularly hold pub nights, host speakers, and discuss politics. | | @UBC_YLC |
Fencing Club Do you love the sound of clashing steel? Join UBC’s Fencing club! We provide equipment and have the lowest fees in BC. Everyone is welcome! |
Film Society Do you love movies—from classic, foreign, cult, to independent? Join FilmSoc and you can meet other cinephiles, help run the campus movie theatre, and participate in movie productions! If you don’t really care for film geeks, but enjoy movies and cheap things, join Filmsoc and get half-price admission ($2.50) to all regular screenings, free movie swag, and more! |
Filipino Students’ Association – Kababayan Kababayan is a student organization of UBC dedicated to promoting the rich Filipino culture through holiday celebrations and social works. | | |
Finance Club UBC Finance Club was constituted in 1989 and remains one of UBC’s largest and oldest student clubs. We strive to facilitate undergraduate students’ personal and career development by providing education, competitions, and powerful networking opportunities with finance professionals. Members enjoy events such as Career Night, Pacific Venture Capital Competition, Company Visits, and many more. |
First Nations Studies Student Association (FNSSA) FNSSA is here to create dialogue between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples around issues that effect Indigenous communities on campus, in Vancouver, in Canada, and across the world. While we operate as a representative body for FNSP Majors, Minors, and general students, our membership is open to anyone that is interested in engaging with this content!
FLY@UBC (Financial Literacy for Youth) FLY at UBC is a club that promotes financial literacy at the University of British Columbia. Our goal in this club is to raise awareness about financial literacy to all university students by hosting speaker sessions and events throughout the year. In addition, we provide those who share a passion in financial literacy with a place to volunteer and help out in the community. Financial literacy applies to everyone no matter what faculty they are in or what career they are pursuing. It is important to start early and learn how to become financially responsible and make good financial decisions.FLY@UBC |
FOCUS Club We provide international students an opportunity to investigate Christianity and the Bible and experience Christian community.  Here they can make friends, find support, have fun and enjoy Canadian culture and local attractions.  We also provide Christian international students a place for discipleship, fellowship and worship.
Food and Faith Community at UBC We are a campus community exploring the mystery of God and learning together what it means to follow Jesus in our time and place. We gather primarily around a weekly meal open to all and journey as a group committed to building community, nurturing spiritual growth, and doing acts of justice and mercy.  We are connected to the United Church of Canada. |
Food Science Club The Food Science Club aims to provide students a closer look to the science behind food processing and an opportunity to explore different manufacturing processes in the food industry. Through club workshops and plant tours, we motivates students to learn more about the science behind beer brewing, milk pasteurization, chocolate tempering, and other great chemical reactions being applied in our food system.
Food Society Experience exquisite cuisine, meet fellow foodies, and learn how to cook—all on a student budget! The Food Society offers unique food experiences in group settings. Discover new restaurants through our dine-outs, excite your taste buds at our tasting events, or mingle during our hands-on workshops. Join us and start eating better, today! |
Freethinkers Club The Freethinkers Club was founded in 2008 by students seeking a club that provides an alternative to religious and spiritual worldviews. The club promotes secular worldviews by providing an educational basis for these viewpoints and creating a community of similar-minded individuals. The Freethinkers Club holds social events and lectures, including games nights and pub nights. |
Friends of MSF MSF UBC supports the work of MSF (Doctors Without Borders). The group is committed to raising awareness about MSF and global health issues at UBC. We organize movie nights, interactive workshops, speaker events, advocacy campaigns, and fundraisers. Members can get involved by participating in leadership and volunteer opportunities throughout the year. |
Friends of the Spartacus Youth Club The FOSYC encourages the exchange of Marxist ideas on campus. The Spartacus Youth Club seeks an end to the oppressive capitalist system through socialist revolution.
Friends of the UBC Farm Friends of the UBC Farm is open to both students and the wider community. We aim to increase awareness of the Centre for Sustainable Food Systems at the UBC Farm and its globally significant education, research and community programs. As lovers of local food, we organize fun food-related events and workshops to support the UBC Farm!
Fun Run Club We provide UBC students with an environment that allows them to socialize, decrease stress of university life, and keep fit! We are a non-competitive community of people sharing a common interest in running.
Each semester we organize Wreck Stairs Challenge. Top male and female runners each win a pair of running shoes of their choice! There are prizes for second and third place finishers as well (see website for more details). We also organize weekly group runs, and invite you to come to as many or as few as you like.


(“Game Developers Association” to “Grassroots Soccer at UBC”)

Gado-Gado Indonesian Students Assocation of UBC (GISAU) GISAU is a expanding cultural club which celebrates the diverse Indonesian tradition. Our club runs cultural, social and sporting events.
Game Developers Association
UBC Junoon UBC Junoon is UBC’s first ever Bollywood competitive dance team.  Bollywood dancing incorporates several dance forms such as South Indian classical, North Indian classical, Western hip hop, Western contemporary, Punjabi folk dancing and West Indian folk dance styles.  Our team will have the opportunity to travel across North America and compete among the top talented collegiate dance teams from all over the US and Canada. Each year we recruit a 12-16 person dance team and bring to stage a movie through dance with elaborate costumes, intricate dances, and captivating storylines. If you love dancing, traveling and making some awesome friends, joining UBC Junoon is the way to go. Worried that you have no dance training or experience? That doesn’t matter at all! We are looking for are people enthusiastic to learn and work hard to become a part of the dance team.
Geography Students’ Association (GSA) One of the most active student associations on campus, with events for every facet of university life. Events range from lunches with the Department Head and professors to our infamous bzzr gardens & trivia nights. We also publish the undergraduate journal Trail Six, run the GeoGarden, coordinate our Bad Latitude sports team, and celebrate the end of the year with a bang (the Geogala). We welcome geographers and non-geographers alike! | |
Geological Engineering Club
German Club The UBC German club brings together diverse members of the community with a common interest in German language and culture. We are an inclusive club that welcomes everyone regardless of cultural background or language ability. If you have an interest in Germany or simply want to learn more, we would love to meet you!
GOVision UBC (Global Oriental Vision) Our mission at Global Oriental Vision is to build a platform of communication and information exchange for international students through connecting them with each other and their local communities. Currently there are 15000 members around the world in 50 universities, and we have recently expanded this network into the west coast. Every year there are around 8000 international students pouring into UBC, and we exist to help these students to build an intimate relationship with
Golf Club Knock a few strokes off your game and meet other student golfers at UBC. Members enjoy discounts at local golf courses and driving |
 Grassroots Soccer at UBC  Grassroot Soccer – UBC combines a love for soccer and philanthropy. We host soccer events and tournaments to fundraise for Grassroot |


(“Handball Club” to “Hong Kong Student Association”)

Handball Club We are UBC’s premier and only modified handball club! Our club is a fun, recreational group that’s bent on facilitating the best and most exciting intramural handball experience on campus. Check out our weekly drop-in sessions and sign up with us for member perks. Everyone is welcome!
Heart of the City Piano Description: HCPP recruits volunteers to teach piano to at inner-city elementary schools to children whom may not otherwise have the opportunity to engage in musical |
Heart and Stroke Foundation Club  The HEART AND STROKE FOUNDATION CLUB is a group of passionate student volunteers who endorse the Heart and Stroke Foundation’s message in both words and actions. We aim to foster research interest in cardiovascular and ischemic diseases; provide financial and volunteer support for heart- and stroke-related initiatives; and promote health and wellness within the university |
 History Students’ Association (HSA)  We organize events: lectures, beer gardens, trivia nights, wyne and cheese with the history department to unite lovers (likers) of history! |
The HOMES Association of UBC  We focus on a Homeless Outreach Movement to Educate and Support. Join us for a chance to hone leadership, communication, and teamwork skills while helping the
 Hong Kong Student Association  HKSA provides opportunities for students to network by hosting events. We strive to maintain a balance for students between both their academic and social |


(“Improv Theatre Society” to “Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship”)

Improv Theatre Society UBCimprov specializes in improvised comedy. We combine dramatic storytelling, harnessed spontaneity, and audience suggestions to craft dynamic, hilarious, and unique performances. Learn improvisation in our workshops, audition to become a player on our teams, and laugh during our many performances throughout the year (highlighted by our annual IMPULSE Improv Festival)
UTSAV: The Indian Students’ Association Namaste! For energetic and vibrant celebration of Indian culture and festivals; for enticing, mouth-watering Indian cuisine; for diverse, social, sport, adventure activities, and much more—you are welcome to join ISA-Utsav. Every year since 1980, we immerse our members in an incredible Indian journey, uniting new and current students to enjoy the little India at
Integrated Science Students’ Association ISSA was founded in an effort to create a sense of unity for students in the Integrated Sciences Program. Students in ISP come from varying disciplines of science, and consequently share a diverse range of interests. We hope that ISSA will bring students together through their interests as well as their vision for education at |
International Business Club By connecting students to the global marketplace, the International Business Club aims to assist students to attain the resources and skills necessary to succeed at the international level. |
International Students’ Association The ISA is all about ‘Students helping students’. We exist to advocate for international student needs and host events that bring out the international spirit on campus!
Inter-Fraternity Council
Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship Being shaped by God’s word and led by the Holy Spirit, Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship (IVCF) is dedicated to the transformation of youths, students, and graduates – in all their ethnic diversity – into fully committed followers of Jesus | http://www.ivcfubc.com | Twitter handle: @IVCF_UBC


(“Japan Association” to “Jewish Students’ Association (JSA)”) )”)

Japan Association Established in 1963, the UBC Japan Association promotes Japanese culture and organizes events for students with an interest in Japan. Travel abroad and visit Japan next summer on our Summer Exchange Program, or simply make new friends and have some fun! Be a part of the JA family this year! |
Japan Career Network UBC Japan Career Network (JCN) is a student-run club at the University of British Columbia. We are the only club that is specifically catered to students who aspire to work in the Nikkei industry. By offering opportunities to build a professional network amongst students and alumni, we hope to support members with their career path. UBC JCN celebrated its first anniversary this month, and in the past year, the club has gathered more than 200 members. We believe that the club will further prosper as more members join the club and expand JCN’s professional network.  |
Jazz Cafe  Throughout the year, we are going to be having numerous events around campus where we’ll be serving delicious drinks including coffee, tea, hot chocolate and etc alongside of home-baked foods. But the best part is you get to enjoy them while listening to Jazz music, either live or suggested by you! |
Jfashion Vancouver  Our club’s email address is, and we have a website at
Jewish Students’ Association (JSA)  The JSA is a club affiliated with the UBC Hillel on campus and provides a variety of fun and interesting social, educational, cultural, and religious


(“Kendo Club” to “K Wave)

Kendo Club UBC’s Kendo Club has been active for over 25 years promoting Kendo amongst students, faculty, and the general public. We are affiliated with the BC Kendo Federation, and we maintain an active role in the
Kidney Health Awareness Club The UBC Kidney Health and Awareness Club aims to raise awareness regarding the importance of organ donation and kidney health among the young demographic. We work closely with the Kidney Foundation of Canada such as coordinating the Kidney Walks/Runs which is one of KFOC’s biggest fundraising campaigns. We are looking for passionate and motivated students to join our group. If you are interested in our work, then please e-mail us.
Korean Cultural Society  Korean Cultural Society’s main goal is to let UBC students experience every part of Korean culture, both modern and traditional, away from the class settings. We want to provide new and exciting experiences for those who do not know much about Korea, while allowing the students who are aware re-visit them and become immersed in our beautiful
Korean Intercollegiate Student Society (KISS) The KISS, a non-profit social club, is the biggest and longest-standing Korean community present at UBC. Our main purpose is to promote the relationship between undergraduate students, and efficient opportunities. Through a variety of events, we form a functioning framework within which students can have social, academic, recreational, and cultural experiences.
 Kung Fu Association  UBC Kung Fu welcomes students of all levels to learn cool forms, application of martial arts, and traditional lion dancing in a relaxed | Facebook: UBC Kung Fu Club |
 K-Wave  K-Wave is UBC’s first and only club open to anyone who’s interested in Korean Entertainment. Whether you pull off dance moves to K-pop or have a guilty pleasure in Korean dramas, our club lets you meet people with similar interests in events like Running Man|


(“Latin Dance” to” Literature Etc”)

Latin Dance UBC Latin Dance is the only salsa club on campus. Our salsa lessons are beginner-friendly, and offer a great way to socialize, meet interesting people from all over the world, and learn fun moves that will make you look like a pro on the dance floor. |
Le Club Français  Ça vous manque de parler français? Avez-vous besoin pratiquer votre français? Come join us each week for games, movies and poutine, all while speaking French! | @ClubFrancaisUBC |
Library & Archival Studies Student Association |
 Lifeline UBC Lifeline seeks to promote dialogue about the rights and value of the unborn and provide support to pregnant women and post-abortive |
 Literature Etc  UBCLE is an organization of art enthusiasts. The club varies in the scope of artistic interest in arts and culture. Our annual publication leMook presents diversified themes in each feature. Recent events include portrait photography in a studio environment, arts and performance exhibitions etc. We are also the proud organizers of the Taiwanese Film |


(“Mahjong Club” to “Muslim Students’ Association (MSA-UBC)”)

Mahjong Club The UBC Mahjong Club provides a venue for students to learn the Chinese game of mahjong. Mahjong is easy to learn, but difficult to master. Drop by and join the UBC Mahjong family!
Material Engineering Club (MTRL) The Materials Engineering Club (MTRL Club) represents undergraduate students in one of the smallest and most close-knit engineering departments, offering specializations in manufacturing and performance, minerals and metals extraction and biomaterials engineering. The club operates events, connects students with faculty members, and a social hub by way of our
Marketing Association  We connect students interested in marketing with leading industry professionals. Our premier event is Gateways, with a 2:1 student to professional ratio! |
Martial Arts Club The Martial Arts Club is a social network of martial artists and those interested in studying martial arts. Interested in studying martial arts but don’t know the difference between Judo and Taekwondo? We can help. We run free introductory classes taught by our experienced members in a wide variety of martial arts, which allow members to sample and choose the art that’s right for them. We also host martial arts-themed movie and video game nights and other social events. We believe that the martial arts are a way of life and not a business, so we strive to offer everything we do for as little as possible. It costs just $1 a year to be a member. Whether you’re a 10th degree black belt or learned everything you know on YouTube, you’ll feel welcome in our club. Email us at for more info or to join
Meal Exchange UBC We are passionate about addressing food insecurity and local hunger issues in our communities to improve the lives of those on the receiving |
Mechanical Engineering Club The Mechanical Engineering Club represents mechanical engineering undergraduates at UBC with the EUS, faculty, university, and community. We provide academic representation and assistance for our members, as well as social activities such as parties, fundraisers, food and clothing sales. We have a clubroom where mechanical engineering undergrads can relax or
Mental Health Awareness Club of UBC  The Mental Health Awareness Club provides opportunities to discuss and raise mental health awareness throughout UBC. The club is comprised of students, community partners, and faculty from varying disciplines including psychology, engineering, pharmacy, occupational therapy, medicine and nursing. Our common goal is to eliminate social stigma and create an accepting community to discuss mental |
 Microbiology and Immunology Students’ Association  Whether you are considering a major in microbiology and immunology or simply interested in learning about the latest research happening on campus, MISA has something for you. Our goal is to integrate the extensive knowledge of our field into the daily lives of the UBC student
Music Box Children’s Charity UBC (MBCC) We provide music education to financially, socially, or physically disadvantaged children. Our volunteer-run programs are held in community centres and schools in the Lower |
 Music Initiative  Join UBC Music Initiative to form ensembles, mingle at social events, and perform for the community. All musical abilities are
 Muslim Students’ Association (MSA-UBC)  The MSA fulfills the daily needs of Muslim students at UBC and hosts events that engage the whole campus community, such as interfaith dialogue and community


(“UBC Navigators” to “New Taiwanese Generation”)

UBC Navigators Come explore faith in Jesus. Through weekly Bible study, volunteering, retreats and more, we foster authentic relationships with God and each |
Nerdfighter Club  The UBC Nerdfighters Club provides students with a tangible connection to nerdfighteria and the opportunity to engage with like-minded individuals through events, book clubs, and casual gatherings. DFTBA! |
Neurology Club Our mission: to generate awareness about volunteer, research, networking and career opportunities in academic and clinical neurology.  |
New Democratic Party Club of UBC The UBC NDP is an affiliate of the NDP, the Official Opposition of British Columbia and Canada. While we have a political component, we also have an important social aspect. Come join us for fun campus events and discussions on how we can work with others to shape progressive change in Canada and
New Taiwanese Generation NTG is a youthful, enthusiastic group that helps students enjoy their university life. We host events of all varieties, from Boat Cruise to Sporting events, from parties to study groups. Whether you are from Taiwan, speak Mandarin, or if you simply have an interest in Taiwan, we welcome all of you to check us out!


(“Organizing Support for Charity (OSC)” to “UBC Origami Club”)

Organizing Support for Charity (OSC) OSC aims to bring awareness to local charities within our community, such as Gather and Give and Quest. Join us to volunteer on site and to host fundraisers!
UBC Origami Club The UBC Origami Club is a club dedicated to teaching and learning the art of paper-folding. We have weekly meetings where we teach new models (easy or challenging!)


(“Pakistan Students Association” to “Psychology Students’ Association of UBC”)

Pakistan Students Association The UBC Pakistani Student’s Association is a Vancouver-wide social club that arranges Pakistani culture-themed events throughout the year. Sheesha, cricket matches, chai, and partying are all on the menu! Students of all nationalities are welcome to experience a taste of |
Persian Club The goal of the Persian Club is to promote Iranian culture, support the Iranian community on campus, and help foster friendship among different cultural groups at
Persian Music Ensemble The Persian Music Ensemble is an active group on campus delivering diverse music events, concerts, and workshops to promote Persian arts and culture. We have more than fifty student members, and we welcome participants in a broad range of activities including performance, media arts, and administration.
 Philosophy Students Association  We are a club devoted to Philosophy! We currently hold two seats at department meetings, and one seat on the department curriculum committee. We keep undergraduates of philosophy informed about upcoming talks, colloquia, department news, calls for papers, scholarships; and we also host many social events. Check out our online undergraduate journal, the |
 Photo Society  The Photo Society offers a place for film and digital photography enthusiasts to meet and practice the art, or science, of photography. Our club members have access to a traditional black-and-white darkroom, a studio space, a computer workstation, local field trips, weekly workshops, free rental cameras and equipment, and opportunities to showcase work in gallery
Phrateres Phrateres (“fra-tair-ees”) is an AMS club at the University of British Columbia that aims to round out the university experience by encouraging women to get involved in all aspects of the UBC community. We offer opportunities to make new friends, play sports, participate in philanthropy projects, and experience new memories and | |
Players Club Like Theatre? Make Theatre! Be a part of our two full productions, play-readings, script workshops, and special events. Come play with us! |
Polish Club  Anyone interested in keeping in touch with their Polish roots, learning about Polish culture, or having fun at social events is welcome to |
Political Sciences Student Association  A faculty-supported student club, we serve as a social and academic nexus for all those interested in politics. The PSSA seeks to enhance members’ university life academically, socially, and
Pottery Club  The UBC Pottery Club aims to provide an artistic outlet for students, regardless of their discipline. We focus on students who have no experience with pottery, providing free workshops for both wheel throwing and hand building. The club is located at the basement of the SUB. For further information, please visit our website.
 Power to Change (P2C)  We envision a world and a generation changed by the message of Jesus. Get connected to the movement through our small groups or weekly | | @p2cUBC |FB: UBC Power to Change
Pre-Dental Society  More than DAT preparation and informational sessions—we also offer community outreach, including fundraisers for non-profit dental clinics.FB: UBC Pre-Dental Society |
 Pre-Law Society  For anyone with an interest in the law. Members benefit from LSAT prep classes, mock tests, law firm visits, admissions night, and our wine and cheese networking |
Pre-Pharmacy Society  We offer members PCAT workshops, information, social gatherings, and mock interviews. Join us to help prepare for entry into |
Pre-Medical Society  The UBC Pre-medical Society provides avid pre-medical students with a myriad of information and valuable insights on the field of medicine. Our members participate in interactive volunteer opportunities as well as weekly lectures by medical specialists about their specialties and experiences. The club also engages members in social events ranging from sports nights, movie nights, and ski-trips.
Pre-Optometry Club The Pre-optometry Club offers students the opportunity to learn about and network with professionals in the field of Optometry. Our club’s events include: presentations from various optometry schools, financial seminars for prospective optometry students, and our annual wine and cheese party where participants will have the opportunity to network with local optometrists!
Pre-Veterinary and Animal Welfare The UBC Pre-Veterinary and Animal Welfare Club provides support for aspiring veterinarians and promotes animal welfare on
 Psychology Students’ Association of UBC  The PSA seeks to enhance the personal, professional and academic success of Arts and Science psychology students by working together with the Department of |


(“Quant Finance Club” to “Quidditch”)

Quant Finance Club
Quidditch Quidditch, premier sport of the wizarding world, was developed in the Harry Potter series. The sport has been adapted for the non-wizardry (muggle) world. We strive to provide a place for students to make friends and be active while participating in the growing sport of Quidditch. Most importantly, it’s an insane amount of fun. Find us on Facebook!


(“Sailing Club” to “Surf Club”)

Sailing Club Sailing, windsurfing, and kayaking for a great price! Located at Jericho Sailing Centre, the Sailing Club is at the centre of Vancouver’s water sports community. |
UBC SALSA SALSA represents students from the interdisciplinary fields of Speech Science (Speech/Audiology), First Nations Languages, Linguistics with members also specializing in Cognitive Systems, Psychology, French, Spanish, Anthropology, and many, many other disciplines! All students with an interest in speech sciences and linguistics are welcome.We hold interesting events throughout the year including social events like Ice Cream Social, IP’eh! Beer Night, Wine & Cheese and movie and games nights, and we also host or are involved with informative academic events such as colloquia, study groups, and | |
Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights – SPHR UBC SPHR (Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights) is a non-profit, student-based organization that advocates on a strong social justice platform to uphold the rights of the Palestinian people in the face of human rights violations and all forms of racism, discrimination, misinformation and misrepresentation.
UBC Sororities For more than 80 years, UBC Sororities has given collegiate women the opportunity to imagine the limitless opportunities they can create for themselves, lead their peers, make genuine connections and continuously grow from their experiences.​UBC Sororities is ​a​​ large and welcoming community of diverse individuals. Our organization provides an environment where women can cultivate​ a healthy, balanced, and engaged university experience. With an emphasis on leadership,​ involvement, ​and community service, ​UBC Sororities fosters strong and ambitious ​women who ​look to​ impact their communities both on and off campus. Additionally, our large alumnae organization allows us to provide our members with countless networking and support opportunities to succeed during university.Please visit our website for more information:
Surf Club Whether you’re a seasoned surfer or never ridden a wave in your life, UBC Surf Club will cater to your desire to get in the ocean, meet like minded people and travel to some awesomely mind bending locations all over the Pacific coast. Beginners and first timers are welcomed and encouraged!
FB: UBC Surf |


(“Table Tennis Club” to “UBC Triathlon Club”)

Table Tennis Club Our club offers playing sessions and social events throughout the year! We believe food, people, and table tennis keep people connected. Come join us and have fun! |
 Tae Kwon Do Club  Founded by the world’s first Tae Kwon Do Champion, Grandmaster C.K. Choi, we give students a place to develop self-defence skills, physical fitness, and mental |
UBC Taiwan Association UBCTA has grown and continue to take a central role in campus life, creating a fun atmosphere for its diverse student body. Through campus wide events; from  social icebreaker to speed dating, UBCTA is able to unify its highly diverse community.
 Tennis Club of UBC  The UBC Tennis Club provides our 300+ members with a variety of recreational and social events throughout the year, and we actively promote the love for tennis campus-wide. From beginner lessons to the spring tournament, we host activities and events catered to players of all levels. Game, set, match! |
 UBC Triathlon Club  Beginner to elite, we help accomplish your triathlon goals! Stay in shape with a fun race series, great workouts and lots of social events. 6 coached workouts/wk, with cheapest swim in Van. | |


(“Undergraduate Research Opportunities” to “AMS Writers’ Guild”)

Undergraduate Research Opportunities URO is a club designed to facilitate the entrance of students into research and connect with researchers. If you’re interested in research but not sure where to start, our club is a great way to familiarize yourself with the |
Unite for Sight Unite For Sight UBC Chapter is part of the global health delivery organization Unite For Sight. We raise funds for patients living in extreme poverty in developing countries and call for awareness about global eye care and preventable blindness. Volunteers gain valuable experience in leadership, event planning, and can participate in global health conferences hosted by Unite For |
Vietnamese Student Society Got Pho? The UBC Vietnamese Student Society is a Vancouver-wide hub of Vietnamese culture on campus and a community of people who love to embrace all things Vietnamese. VSS hosts cultural nights, service projects, food events, and parties throughout the year! With Canadian-Vietnamese, part-Vietnamese, and non-Vietnamese members, all backgrounds and cultures are welcome to come and enjoy themselves. Connect with us!Website | Facebook | Email
AMS Writers’ Guild The AMS Writers’ Guild seeks to provide a safe and welcoming environment for students to share and receive feedback on their creative writing, as well as to expose students to new forms of non-academic writing, including poetry, fiction, non-fiction, screenplay, and graphic |

Check out a full list of all our clubs (warning: this involves a lot of scrolling!!)

A Cappella, UBC
A Club of Ice and Fire
Accessibility Group of the AMS
Accounting Club, UBC
Activists for Animals Club, UBC
Addiction Awareness Club
Advertise Inc.
Advertisinc, UBC
Africa Awareness Initiative
Agape Impact
Alternative & Intergrated Medical Society
Amateur Radio Society
Ambassadors for Jesus of UBC
American Indian Science and Engineering Students, UBC Chapter of (UBC AISES)
Amnesty International UBC
AMS Buddhist Students Association
AMS Help, Learn & Discover
AMS Women in Science at UBC
Anime Club, UBC
Anthropology Students Association
App Development
Aqua Society, UBC
Arab Student Association
Archaeology Club
Armenian Students Association
Art History Students Association
Arts Co-op Student Association
Asian Debate Club
Asian Studies Interest Association, UBC
Association International des Etudiants en Sciences Economiques et Commerciales, AIESEC
Association of Canadian Archivists
Association of Korean Scientists and Engineers, AKCSE
Association of Latin American Students
Astronomy Club
Aviation Club of UBC
Awareness for World War II in Asia, UBC
Badminton Club UBC
Ballet Club
Bangla Club, University
Bangladesh Students’ Association
BC Children’s Hospital Advocates
Beads & Craft Club, UBC
Beauty Avenue, UBC
Beneath One Sky
Best Buddies UBC
Bhangra Club, UBC
Big Brothers
Bike Club
Bike Co-op, AMS
Bike Kitchen
Billiards Club, UBC
Biochemistry Pharmacology Physiology Club
Biological Sciences Society, UBC
Birding Club, UBC
BizChina Club, UBC
Blank Vinyl Project, UBC
Blood Club
Blood Services Association of UBC, The
Born for More Baptist Student Ministries
Botany Enthusiasts Club (BEC), UBC
Boxing Club
Brewing Club, UBC
British Expatriate Student Team
Business Communications Club
Business Technology Network
Campus Association for Baha’I Studies
Campus Conservatives, UBC
Canadian Association of Foodservice Professionals, UBC (CAFP)
Canadian Association of Pharmacy Students and Interns (CAPSI)
Canadian Liver Foundation of UBC
Cancer Association
Canto Pie, UBC
Canucks Community, UBC
Caribbean African Association
Catholic Christian Outreach
Catholic Korean Students Association (UCKSA) (UKHAN)
Chess Club, UBC
Children’s Health Association of UBC
Chinese Art Student Society
Chinese Christian Fellowship
Chinese Collegiate Society
Chinese Students and Scholars Association (Great Wall Culture Club)
Chinese Students’ Association
Chinese Varsity Club
Christian Students at UBC
Circle K International Club, UBC
CiTR Campus Radio
Civil Engineering Club
Classical Near Eastern Religious Studies Student Association
Club de Espanol
Codeq Club
Cognitive Systems Society
Coin & Stamp Club, UBC
Colloquium Club
Combined Major in Science Students Association
Computer Science Student Society
Conscious Shift
Consulting Club, UBC
Cooking Club
Co-op Student Association of Sauder (COSAS)
Couples for Christ
Cryonics and Life Extension Club, UBC
Cube Club
Currency and Forex Club
Dance Club, UBC
Dance Horizons
Dance Team, UBC
Debate Society, UBC
Developing World Connections
Dollar Project, UBC Vancouver
Dragon Boat Club
e-Business Club, UBC
Efficiency Club
Electrical and Computer Engineering Club
Electronic Dance Music Club
Emergency Medical Aid Team (EMAT), UBC
Emerging Leaders of UBC
Enactus Club (used to be SIFE)
Engineering Physics Student Society
English Students’ Association
Entrepreneurship Society, UBC
Environmental Engineering Student Association
Environmental Science Students Association
Equestrian Club, UBC
eSports Association (Formerly StarCraft)
Every Nation Campus Ministries, UBC
Exchange Student Club
Face Drama Club
Falun Dafa
Fencing Club, UBC
Film Society, UBC
Finance Club, UBC
Financial Literacy for Youth, UBC (FLY)
Financial Optimization and Risk Management Club (FO & RM)
First Nations Studies Students Association
FO Club
Food and Faith
Food for Thought
Food Science Club, UBC
Food Society, UBC
Formation Dancesport of UBC
Free the Children
Freethinkers Club, UBC
Friends of Medecins Sans Frontieres
Friends of the Spartacus Youth Club
Friends of the UBC Farm
Fun Run UBC
Gado-Gado Indonesian Students Association of UBC
Game Developers’ Association, UBC
Geography Students’ Association
Geological Engineering, UBC
German Club, UBC
Gilbert and Sullivan Society of UBC
Global Brigades Club
Global China Connection
Global Outreach Students’ Association
Go Club
Golf Club, UBC
GOVision UBC
Grad Class Council
Grassroots Soccer
Green Party Club
Handball Club, UBC
Heart and Stroke Club, UBC
Heart of the City Piano Program
Help Hear Haiti Student Coalition
Hempology 101 UBC
History Students Association
HOMES Association of UBC, The
Hong Kong Students Association of UBC
Hula Hooping Club
Human Resources Management Club
Improv Theatre Society of AMS
Indian Students’ Association: UTSAV
Indigenous Students in Sciences and Health Association (ISSHA)
Institute for Healthcare Improvement Open School UBC Chapter
Integrated Engineering Department Club (IGEN)
Integrated Science Student Association
Interfraternity Council
International Business Club
International Relations Students Association (IRSA)
International Socialist Student Club
International Students Association
Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship
Ismaili Muslims Students Association
Israel Advocacy Club of the AMS
Japan Association
Japan Career Network
Jazz Cafe Club, UBC
Jesus Disciple Movement
Jewish Students Association
Jfashion Vancouver
Kababayan, Filipino Students Association
Karvan Iranian Students Association
Kendo Club
Kidney Health Awareness Club
Knitting and Sewing Club
Korean Campus Crusade for Christ
Korean Campus Mission
Korean Commerce Student Association
Korean Cultural Society
Korean Intercollegiate Student Society
Korle-Bu Neuroscience Club of UBC
Kung Fu Club of the AMS
Latin Dance Club
Law and Society Chats
Le Club Francais
Lifeline, UBC
Literature Etc., UBC
Lotus Movement (formerly UofMosaic)
Love your Neighbour of UBC
Loves Vaginas, UBC
Mafia Club, UBC
Mahjong Club, UBC
Marketing Association, UBC
Martial Arts Club
Meal Exchange – UBC Chapter
Mechanical Engineering Club
Meditation Community, UBC
Men’s and Women’s Wrestling Club
Mental Health Awareness Club of UBC
Metals and Materials Engineering, Society of
Microbiology and Immunology Student Association (MISA)
Mining and Mineral Processing Engineering Club
Ministry of Moustachery
Model United Nations Student Association
Mongolian Students and Scholars Association
Music Initiative, UBC
MusicBox Children’s Charity UBC
Muslim Student Association (MSA)
Navigators Club
Nerdfighters Club
Network Of Enlightened Women of UBC
Neurology Club, UBC
New Democratic Party Club, UBC
New Taiwanese Generation
Newman Catholic Club
Occupational Therapy
Occupational Therapy Student Society
Operation Smile Club
Organizing Support for Charity
Origami Club
Overseas Medical Initiative
Oxfam UBC
Paintball Club, UBC
Pakistans Student’s Association
Parks Canada Club
Persian Club, UBC
Persian Music Ensemble, UBC
Philosophy Students’ Association
Photographic Society
Physical Therapy Student Society
Players’ Club, UBC
Poker Club
Polish Club, UBC
Political Science Students’ Association
Pottery Club, UBC
Power to Change Students
Pre-Dentistry, UBC
Pre-Law Society, UBC
Pre-Medical Society
Pre-Optometry Club
Pre-Pharmacy Club
Pre-Veterinary Medicine and Animal Welfare Club (PAWS)
Project PATHS
Promoting Understanding of North Korea (PUNK)
Provincial Young BC Liberals
Psychology Students Association
Quant Club, UBC
Quant Finance Club, UBC
Quidditch, UBC
Rapperz Without Borders
Real Estate Club
Reality Club, UBC
Red Cross, UBC
Resource Management and Environmental Studies Students’ Society
Rick Hansen Foundation Difference Makers Club
Right To Play
Rights and Democracy Delegation of UBC
Ringette Team, UBC
Rooftop Garden Club
Rotaract Club of Vancouver
Russian Club, UBC
Safety and First Aid UBC Club
Sailing, UBC
Sales Club
Sangox’a Club,UBC
Saudi Arabian Students Association
Scandinavian & Nordic Cultural Association of UBC
Science Fiction and Fantasy Society
Science One Survivors
Serbian Student Association, UBC
Seri Malaysia Club
Sharing Science
Shine on Music
Shito-Ryu Karate Club, UBC
Sikh Students’ Association of UBC
Singapore Students’ Association
Skateboard Club
Ski & Snowboard Club
Ski & Snowboard Club, UBC
Slacklining Club
Slam, UBC
Smiling Over Sickness, UBC
Social Enterprise Club
Social Media Network
Sociology Students’ Association
Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights (SPHR)
Spark Club
Speech and Linguistics Students Association
Sports Car Club, UBC (SCC)
Sri Lanka Society of UBC
Stand UBC
Steppingbridge Teaching Support and Culture Exchange Association, UBC
Storm Club
Student Chapter of the BC Water & Wastewater Association (UBC BCWWA)
Student Christian Movement
Student Obesity Network
Students for Reproductive Rights
Students for Science Based Medicine, The UBC
Students Offering Support, UBC
Students Taking Initiatve
Surf Club, UBC
Sustainability Projects Club
Swing Kids, UBC
Synchronized Swimming Club, UBC
Table Tennis Club, UBC
Tae Kwon Do Club, UBC
Taiwan Association, UBC
Tamil Students Association of UBC
Tax Assistant Clinic for Students, UBC
Tea Club
Tennis Club, UBC
Thai Aiyara
Thaqalayn Muslim Association
The Passion Project
Thunderbird Dance Team
Thunderbird Lacrosse Club
Thunderbird Marching Band
Thunderbird Strength & Conditioning Club
Tomorrow’s Leaders
Trading Group, UBC
Transportation and Logistics Club
Triathlon Club, UBC
Tru-Youths United
Turkish Students Society of UBC
UBC Junoon
UBC Sororities
UBC-AMS Writers’ Guild
Ukulele on the Go
Ultimate Frisbee, UBC
Undergraduate Research Opportunities (URO) of the AMS
Unite for Sight
United Nations International Childrens Emergency Fund (UNICEF)
Universities Allied for Essential Medicines
University Christian Ministry (UCM)
University Fashion Club
University Road Trippers
Unlimited Dance Club
Varsity Outdoor Club
Vietnamese Student Society
Walter Gage Toastmasters
Wargamers of UBC
Water Polo Club, UBC
Weightlifting & Powerlifting
Wine Tasting, UBC
Wing Chun Internal Kung Fu Club
Women’s and Gender Studies Student’s Association, UBC
World University Service of Canada
World Vision UBC
Yoga Club, UBC
Young Liberals of Canada, UBC
Young Wise
Young Women in Business UBC
YOURS Student Association