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Armenian Students Association of the University of British Columbia (President: Avetis Muradyan)
The Armenian Students Association is focusing on bringing together Armenians on campus, and educating non-Armenians about our culture and history. Our goal is to build strong relationship with students from other clubs at UBC. We want everyone to feel welcome. Our club is also the place to speak and be heard, to bring new ideas on development of our and other countries in the region from both cultural and political prospective.
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Asian Interests Association (UBC Asian Interests Association) (President: Jing Yi (Milly) Zhu)
We are the UBC Asian Interests Association, or UBC ASIA for short. Our club is dedicated to introducing, developing, strengthening, and bonding relationships across cultural borders and exploring the interaction between Canadian and Asian cultures. We are also determined to break barriers between cultures and to share the love for all Asian cultures. We hold at least one main event a month, in addition to various smaller and more intimate events.
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Association of Latin American Students (President: Nathaly Uribe)
The Association of Latin American Students, aka ALAS, is a club dedicated to expose the Latin American culture to both people from the area and those who aren’t. We share Latin America’s richness in food, diversity, culture, music and the like to whomever is interested in having a great time and learning about our fantastic region.
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British Expatriate Student Team (President: Cassie Cameron-Black)
B.E.S.T. is the British Expatriate Student Team of UBC. We are a student group committed to bringing the culture, history, arts and lifestyle of everything British to the University of British Columbia. Throughout the academic year we will hold a variety of exciting events that will inspire and amuse any UBC community members with a passion for learning about the United Kingdom and its people. Whether you are a Beatles fanatic, a Harry Potter lover or a real sucker for the royal family, the British Club of UBC is an excellent place for you to begin or continue your journey of British loving. B.E.S.T. is open to anyone and everyone in the UBC community. It is definitely a place for people with British nationality or heritage or any affiliation to find a home away from home and connect with similar people. However, it is also a place for people from anywhere on the globe to endulge in British culture and learn some amazing new things about this small but mighty nation.
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Cantopie (President: Mandee Chow)
Cantopie is the first Cantonese language learning club at UBC. We have provided free biweekly Cantonese lessons to all our members since Fall 2010! Our club aims to promote and teach others about the Cantonese language and its culture while connecting people together in a fun and casual environment. We hope to share our knowledge with anyone who wants to know more about Cantonese and to reduce cultural barriers between our members. It’s a great opportunity to meet new people and embrace the multiculturalism that surrounds UBC campus. Come join us for Cantonese language learning classes and some dim sum dine out opportunities!!
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Caribbean African Association (President: Denise Preira)
The Caribbean African Association hosts various events every year, from fundraising galas, social holiday events to thought-provoking discussions on various issues impacting these areas of the world. We are a warm and welcoming community which fosters a place to learn, laugh and dance.
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Chinese Collegiate Society (President: Jocelyn Tse)
The Chinese Collegiate Society (CCS) is one of the most prominent non-profit student organizations of the University of British Columbia s (UBC) Alma Mater Society (AMS). Our aim is to facilitate a well-rounded university life for all of our members in addition to easing the transition into college for our first-year members. We volunteer generously for our community. The wide range of social, networking, and volunteering events that we coordinate has indulged our passion to become one of the best student clubs on the UBC campus. Since our humble beginning almost three decades ago, we have adhered to diversity (pay no heed to our deceptive name), which has played an immense role in our recruitment of a variety of members each year, hence leading us to becoming one of the favorite boutique student organizations on campus. While we pride ourselves yearly in our past and continuing commitments to our members and their interests, we hope this year to reinvent areas of this society by focusing on a unique, multicultural approach to our rich culture.
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Chinese Varsity Club (President: Michael Wu)
For 85 years, the Chinese Varsity Club has been providing the campus community with a diverse selection of social events, bringing students together in making the most out of their university experience. Come join us at our next event and see for yourself what CVC has to offer.
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Filipino Students’ Association (President: Mikhail Narva)
Our goal is to create a sense of unity and belonging for those interested in the Filipino culture, and by doing so, forming connections within the Filipino and UBC community. We strive to promote awareness and enrichment of the Filipino culture, tradition, and heritage, and to explore the Filipino-Canadian identity.
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Freethinkers Club (UBC Freethinkers Club) (President: Nima Karimi)
We are committed to promoting a secular, humanist, and rationalistic world view by providing education for these viewpoints and a community for like-minded individuals. Our club aims to provide a safe and supportive environment for fellow freethinkers, humanists, atheists, and agnostics. Our club is open to anyone interested. People of all faiths, philosophies, and backgrounds are welcome.
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Formosa Reality Club (President: RuRu Lee)
Welcome to UBC Reality Club! If this is your first time hearing our name, you might think we are a philosophical or religious group, but that is not the case! Our main purpose is to promote everything about Taiwanese culture to the world. Even if you are not familiar with Taiwan, we will try our best to make you feel its cuteness and uniqueness! You might ask, “What is so special about Taiwanese culture?” Well, there are so many things special about it that we can’t possibly explain all at once, and this is the reason we will guide you and help you explore this beautiful treasure! Of course, we also prepared various activities for our club members to participate; while gaining knowledge about Taiwan and enjoying leisure moments in our events, you can also get to know more friends!
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Gado Gado Indonesian Student Association of UBC (President: Adrian Wibowo)
Gado-Gado is a club created by Indonesian Student on order to help new comers to UBC adjust with the university life. One of our main goal is also to introduce and to bringing Indonesian cultural heritage to Vancouver and Canada.
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Greek Student Association (UBC Greek Student Association) (President: Athanasios Kritharis)
The UBC Greek Student Association intends to enrich campus life on UBC for all students. The club intends to introduce students to Greek culture, food, and language. It plans to do this by celebrating Greek Holidays, arranging dinners at restaurants and by allowing interested members to learn and practice Greek. It is open to anyone and everyone who has an interest in Greece. In doing so it hopes to create a Greek community on Campus and to become active in the cultural life of all students. In addition, as the club becomes more established it plans to engage in charitable work such as fundraisers and blood drives with the intent of being a positive force on campus. The club hopes to enrich UBC and add to the diversity on Campus by working with, and developing relations with other cultural clubs. In doing so it hopes to promote multiculturalism and Canadian values. Likewise, the club wants to provide a means for Greek students who arrive at UBC to have a community and to integrate them into the greater UBC community. It allows for students who otherwise may have been isolated to learn more about Canada, and to play an active part on campus. The purpose of the club is to overall improve the life of all students by offering them a unique cultural experience. This falls in line with the purpose of the AMS to enrich student life on campus.
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Hong Kong Students’ Association (UBC Hong Kong Students’ Association) (President: Patricia Poon)
Founded and operated by a group of enthusiastic undergraduate students, our purpose is to provide students with opportunities to connect with new individuals who also share the same interests. All of our dynamic events are planned so members are able to have fun, meet new friends, explore career opportunities overseas, and give back to the community through charitable events. When you join HKSA, you can choose which aspects you want to be a part of, or you can do them all! We know the importance of a well balanced University life and we promise you just that! As cliche as this may sound, we are well known for our well established HKSA Family. Your membership in the club isn’t just about joining HKSA. It’s also about joining our wide variety of sponsors as well. We believe that it is important to be connected with our community just as much as being connected with our students. Our membership in The GLOBAL | HKSA Alliance creates an unique international network allowing our students to connect with others from around the world. HKSA is dedicated to giving back to the community and actively participates in volunteering events.
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Israel On Campus (President: Ariela Karmel)
We are committed to strengthening connections between Canadians, Israelis, and all peoples, through exposing and celebrating Israel s many contributions to the world. We strive to create a platform where students can learn and engage in meaningful dialogue about the rich culture, diverse society, and political context of this complex but wonderful country.
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Jewish Student’s Association (President: Audrey Abergel)
The UBC JSA is a club associated with Hillel BC, and hosts various events, both Jewish and secular, throughout the year to promote Jewish values and Jewish identity on campus.
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Karvan Iranian Student Association (President: Sona Moradi)
“Karvan” is a Iranian-Canadian students of UBC with the goal of bringing diverse members of the community together. It’s a place for everyone to speak and be heard.
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Korean Intercollegiate Student Society (President: Jae Sung (Kevin) Lee)
The KISS, a non-profit social club, is the biggest and longest-standing Korean community present at UBC. Our main purpose is to promote the relationship between undergraduate students, and efficient opportunities. Through a variety of events, we form a functioning framework within which students can have social, academic, recreational, and cultural experiences.
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Latin Dance Club (President: Diana Perez)
UBC Latin Dance Club is UBC’s only Latin-focused dance group. We host salsa classes and hot Latin parties throughout the year. Keeping a close connection with many salsa clubs in the city, we bring our members many discounts every day of the week!
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Le Club Français UBC (President: Ian Janzen)
Nous sommes dédiés à la promotion de la langue et la culture française à l’Université de la Colombie-Britannique! We are dedicated to promoting the French language and culture at the University of British Columbia!
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New Taiwanese Generation (President: Will Rau)
NTG 新新人類於1998年成立,成為UBC英屬哥倫比亞大學第二個台灣學生社團 ,始成立便吸引了一千多位的會員,和三十多位義工幹部。NTG新新人類的到來,帶動了UBC台灣社團的進步,給予大專學生更多元化的活動選擇。NTG 新新人類用心扮演好朋友的角色,以最貼心最主動的方式,服務每一位會員,使大家都有一段充實的大學生活。我們的活動包羅萬象,全方位打造你最難忘的回憶!! [**NTG有UBC最棒最活潑的帥哥美女們~最屌最成功前輩們~最團結最麻吉的幹部們!! 不加入你就瞎掉了!!** ㊣ JOIN New Taiwanese ‘Gangsta”! ㊣)) Inspired by great leaders and fellow students, NTG is a team oriented club, which not only advocates for everyone to join together as a community in Vancouver, but also brings forth the unforgettable experience of university life. The environment NTG provides is the foremost of all of the various activities and events. From academic seminars to outdoor activities, such as summer & ski trips, singing contests, basketball tournaments, fashion shows, and of course, our most famous boat cruise & monthly dance/dine out, NTG has offered numerous students a new way to define their life at the University of British Columbia.
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Pakistan Students’ Association (President: Hamza Rafique)
PSA is a student- run Alma Mater Society club at UBC that hosts a variety of cultural and social events, including fundraisers, throughout the academic year. PSA aims to promote and spread Pakistani culture throughout UBC through the fostering of creative and cultural collaboration in the UBC community.
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Persian Club (PUBC) (President: Faraz Nikzad)
PUBC Persian Club aims to empower the Iranian community at UBC by acting as a social hub for Iranian students, bring together diverse members of the community who have a common interest in Iranian culture, and also to nurture and represent the Iranian community in Vancouver diaspora. Monthly activities such as Pelan (Movie Night), Ava (Music Gathering), and Patogh (Gathering) happens alongside with Language table, Mentorship program, lecture talks, and many other events take place at both UBC and in the Greater Vancouver.
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Russian Club (UBC Russian Club) (President: Anastasia Anoshina)
Established in 2011, our club’s main objective is to educate students and broaden their knowledge about Russian and Slavic cultures. We organize many cultural celebratory events, along with other social and athletic gatherings to help native speakers and those interested in the culture form connections and friendships. Our broad community also offers new and current students information on education (including tutoring for students taking Russian Courses), travel and Visa/PR information, and much..much more! Check out our Facebook page or email us at
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Sargam UBC (President: Krishna Teja Malladi)
Sargam is a group at UBC involved in promoting Indian Classical Music. It enables students to learn about this form of music through sessions conducted by various artists and also encourages students who have learnt some form of classical music to expand their knowledge through jam sessions. Sargam provides a platform for students to perform around Vancouver.You can now listen to our recordings on soundcloud, through the link below:
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Scandinavian and Nordic Cultural Association of UBC (President: Christian Borgen)
The SNCA strives to foster interest in the Scandinavian region, promote Scandinavian languages and culture, and to encourage connections with the Scandinavian and Nordic Community.
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Seri Malaysia Club (President: Lee Well Shen)
The UBC Seri Malaysia Club (SMC) was founded in 1993 at the University of British Columbia, Canada, in hopes of catering to the needs of Malaysian students at UBC. It is a social and cultural club, which serves not only as a support group for Malaysian students who are far away from home, but also as a place where Malaysian students can get together with other Malaysians. It is also our goal to promote and share the Malaysian culture with students of UBC through our sociocultural events.
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Singapore Students’ Association (UBC Singapore Students’ Association) (President: Richelle-Joy Chia)
A cultural club which organises social activities throughout the school year to foster friendship among its members, promotes awareness of Singapore among UBC students and creates awareness of UBC to Singaporean students, both current and prospective.
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Sri Lanka Society (President: Keheliya Gallaba)
Sri Lankan Student Community in University of British Columbia, Canada
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Taiwanese Association (UBC Taiwanese Association) (President: Judy Chiang)
Taiwan Association, the oldest and largest Taiwanese club in University of British Columbia, provides UBC students the occasions to meet each other on the campus by hosting dances, clubbing events, work seminars and cultural events. While dedicating our effort into creating opportunities of friendships and entertainment, we hope ourselves to be a valuable member of the community and at the same time, we want to offer chances that will allow people having an in-depth study of Taiwanese culture.
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Tamil Students’ Association (UBC Tamil Students’ Association) (President: Saraswathy Nadanasabapathy)
We act as a gathering point for post-secondary students who wish to learn of or engage in activities and events relevant to Tamil culture and heritage. A club in which the rich cultural aspects of Tamil music, dance, poetry, literature, art, etc. can be expressed and enjoyed by its members.
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Thai Aiyara (UBC Thai Aiyara) (President: Akaraya Traivorakul)
The UBC Thai Aiyara was founded in hope to foster friendship among Thai students in UBC through various events and social activities. It is where Thai students can meet and get together with other Thai students. The goal is support its members and serve as a home for all Thai students in UBC.
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Turkish Student Society (UBC Turkish Student Society) (President: Lal Koyuncu)
The Turkish Student Society is an AMS Club that exists to represent and unite the Turkish community at UBC and to create an open space to promote culture & diversity. We are a student led, non-political group open to people from all backgrounds, aimed to increase the awareness & knowledge of the Turkish culture, language and cuisine across UBC and Vancouver.
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U and I Korea (President: Chanwoo Yim)
UBC welcomed its very first Korean Cultural Week (KCW) in March 2011. The large-scale event was organized by a group of students with a passion to explore diversity and promote Korean culture. The massive success of the event encouraged the group to develop their passion further and make KCW an annual event. This idea led to the establishment of Korean Cultural Society (KCS), now rebranded as UNIK (You and I Korea).
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Vietnamese Student Society (President: Vicky Mai)
The Vietnamese Student Society serves as a family and community for Vietnamese (and even non-Vietnamese!) students on campus. We are a home away from home for international students, and we provide opportunities for students to immerse themselves in our culture, building lasting friendships, and become leaders in the community. Throughout the year, we hold many events, including competitions, food nights, and our annual Tet (Lunar New Year) Celebration!
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YOURS Student Association (President: Laurent Tse)
For the past seventeen years, UBC | SFU YOURS Student Association has proudly organized many large production shows including our Annual Charity Singing Contest, Danceology; dance competition, Ski Trip at Big White Resort, Annual Junior Innovation Contest; promoting environmental messages amongst children, etc. Through organizing various events, YOURS Student Association strives to provide its members and other university students alike with opportunities to relax from their heavy academic workload, expand their social circles, and contribute to the community. Our Student club is open not only to university students, but also to the public. Therefore, participants and event sponsors will be able to reach out to people from different ethnicities. In addition, the association is non-profit, meaning all revenue will be donated to charitable organizations as a show of care and respect for the community.
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eSports Association (UBC eSports Association) (President: Hantao Yuan)
We are THE gaming organization of Vancouver centered around UBC, and one of the largest collegiate communities around the world.We seek to provide our members with ways to share and develop their interests of gaming through social events, tournaments, and community building.
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