SAC Contacts

SAC Contacts

Student Administrative Commission (SAC) Club Contacts
Starting a club, office and locker space, or other general inquiries Rob Willoughby

SAC Vice Chair

SLSC, Nest Lower Level

The SAC Vice-Chair is responsible for coordinating business on behalf of SAC, but also oversees the club constituting process. Direct any general inquiries about clubs or starting a club to the SAC Vice Chair.
Madeleine Marshall

Clubs Administrator

SLSC, Nest Lower Level 

The Clubs Administrator is responsible for club office and locker allocation. S/he will oversee the application process and all relevant matters. Direct any general inquiries or questions about club offices and lockers to the clubs admin.
Tyler Yan

SAC Admin

SLSC, Nest Lower Level

 The SAC Administrative Commissioner provides support and assistance to the Vice-President and the rest of SAC.
Contracts Executive Administrative Assistant

Nest 3502

The Executive Administrative Assistant oversees the contracts process. Upon receiving a contract, the Executive Administrative Assistant will circulate it to two signing authorities at the AMS for approval. All inquiries regarding contracts should be directed here.
Bookings Ricardo Bortolon

Bookings Representative

Nest 3500

Club Bookings Representatives can help clubs book rooms and booths in the Nest.They can also help book furniture setup for these rooms.
Security, First Aid, & Facilities Manager AMS Security

(604) 822 – 3935

Security can handle all of your concerns including first aid and safety issues. Don’t be afraid to give them a call if you foresee possible danger.
Administrative Desk

The AMS Administrative Desk is the large reception desk right in front of the SAC Office.  This is the go-to place for picking up anything from the AMS, including financial reimbursements and office and locker key cases. Clubs may also check out cash-boxes from the Administrative Desk for any sales they may be running. It is important to note that, for security reasons, only authorized club treasurers are able to conduct financial business (or pick up office or locker combinations) from the front desk.