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Africa Awareness Initiative (President: Brian Mukeswe)
UBC Africa Awareness Initiative, hereby referred to as Africa Awareness or AAI, is committed to improving discourse surrounding and including Africa at the University of British Columbia. In our capacity as UBC students, we aim to produce outstanding academic forums to encourage critical discussions pertaining to the relevance of the African continent, the Diaspora and its globalization. In order to realize our vision, our mission is to exceed the layperson s expectations of how much Africa has to give to the world. We will accomplish this by presenting world-class African scholars, writers, artists and activists representative of the high standard of knowledge being produced about Africa.
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Amnesty International of the UBC (President: Amelia Roth)
Human rights are our passion and we seek to see human rights abuses come to a halt around the world, regardless of the race, religion, or creed of the abusers and victims. We focus our energies on a specific cause each month. Weekly letter writing campaigns make our opinions known to those in national, international, or local administrative positions, while our fundraisers and annual conference bring little known issues to the forefront for all UBC students! We also hold regular Current Event Nights and Jamnesty fundraisers, providing plenty of opportunities to come and talk with individuals who have similar passion for human rights activism.
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BC Young Liberals (UBC BC Young Liberals) (President: Sebastian Zein)
The UBC campus club of the BC Young Liberals, the under-25 organization in the BC Liberal Party led by Premier Christy Clark.
Campus Conservatives (UBC Campus Conservatives) (President: Anderson (Wai Fung) Wong)
Come get involved with Federal Politics.
Colloquium (President: Kristi Panchuk)
Colloquium aims to provoke thought across disciplines on current affairs that affect students and invigorate them with the desire to understand the importance of and take responsibility for their role in the world as the forthcoming generation of leaders. We examine a chosen theme every year from the perspective of different disciplines. Listening, thinking, sharing, teaching, and leading all constitute part of the goals of this club. We try to engage students by inviting top professors and professionals to speak on current issues relating to a wider range of discipline, thus forming students to be well rounded individuals with a desire to lead and change society. Finally, we present issues for students from a variety of disciplines, empowering them to develop informed opinions, and giving them opportunities to discuss these opinions with others in a friendly and social environment.
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Dollar Project (UBC Dollar Project) (President: Lydia Min Hyung Rhi)
The UBC Dollar Project is a club of globally empowered students that aim to promote the importance of global cooperation and collective action. We would like UBC students to realize that by collaborating and cooperating with each other, we can have a long-lasting positive impact on people around the world that are currently living in poverty.
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Feminist Club (UBC Feminist Club) (President: Cheneil Antony-Hale)
Hello friends! The UBC Feminist Club was created to provide a safe(r) and positive space for everyyone to come together to learn about feminism. We put on a variety of events ranging from academic seminars, to pub trivia nights, to charity open mics, to boxing workshops. We also have a Youtube channel where we make introductory concept videos, and interview interesting people who work in the field of social justice.
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Friends of Spartacus Youth Club
The Friends of the Spartacus Youth Club discuss, distribute and disseminate Marxist literature applied to current and historical events and conduct a yearly class series in Basic Marxism.
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Grassroot Soccer (President: Justin Xie)
Our club strives to raise awareness of the AIDS epidemic in Africa through the power of soccer. We bring soccer players and fanatics alike to raise funds necessary to help combat the spread of AIDS.
Lifeline (UBC Lifeline) (President: Elizabeth Hughes)
Lifeline is the University of British Columbia’s secular Pro-Life voice on campus. Our mission is to be advocates for the right to life for people at all stages, particularly the rights of the pre-born. We seek to promote open and fair discussion regarding the life issues and support individuals in making life-affirming decisions.
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Mental Health Awareness Club (President: Maja Dziok)
The UBC Mental Health Awareness Club (or UBC MHAC) was established to provide opportunities to discuss and promote mental health awareness throughout the UBC campus and community. Our aims are to eliminate stigma towards mental illness and create an environment where students, staff and faculty members can discuss and learn about mental health together.
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Oxfam UBC (President: Amrit Toor)
Oxfam UBC is UBC’s chapter of Oxfam Canada. Around the globe, Oxfam works to find practical, innovative ways for people to lift themselves out of poverty and thrive. We save lives and help rebuild livelihoods when crisis strikes. And we campaign so that the voices of the poor influence the local and global decisions that affect them. In all we do, Oxfam works with partner organizations and alongside vulnerable women and men to end the injustices that cause poverty.
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Promoting Understanding of North Korea (President: Edward W Mo Koo)
PUNK is an organization committed to increasing awareness regarding the devastating malnutrition and human rights violations in the Democratic People s Republic of Korea (DPRK, North Korea). The organization aims to educate the public about the current state of affairs in the DPRK and to change any misconceptions associated with the country.
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Social Enterprise Club (UBC Social Enterprise Club) (President: Tiana Piva)
We bridge disciplines. We unite students and social enterprise. We create changemakers. The UBC Social Enterprise Club realized the growing interest in social enterprise and innovation and the need for resources and an education outside the classroom. After establishing a solid presence on campus and engaging with thousands of students through events, we felt the need to reach out to this growing audience. We wanted to create an exponentially greater impact on campus. Our club’s key objective is to link the concepts of business, innovation, and social impact to inspire students to create and scale change through entrepreneurial practices. Social enterprise is an emerging concept that is not yet established itself into UBC curriculum and we would like to change that.
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Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights (President: Hussain Khan)
SPHR is a non-profit student-based organization advocating on a social justice platform to uphold the rights of the Palestinian people in the face of human rights violations and all forms of racism, discrimination, misinformation and misrepresentation.
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Stand UBC (President: Natasha Laponce)
Stand UBC, formerly known as Students Taking Action Now: Darfur, is a student-run organization that aims to promote awareness of ongoing genocides in order to mobilize individual and government action. We are part of national organization, that includes campus chapters across Canada.
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Women In Science Club (UBC Women In Science Club) (President: Daphne Chen)
The UBC Women in Science Club was founded to provide support for female undergraduates in Science fields. This support will take the form of networking events with alumni, an e-newsletter detailing relevant information and events, and  most importantly  an ongoing mentorship program. We envision that mentorship and networking relationships between professional women in various science fields and current undergraduate students will help those students through common challenges that arise for women pursuing careers in science.
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Young Liberals of Canada (UBC Young Liberals of Canada) (President: Robin Asgari)
The UBC Young Liberals of Canada are the official campus club of the Liberal Party of Canada and an affiliate of the Young Liberals of Canada. Our club helps campaign on campus and connects students with Liberals and MPs through events and opportunities.
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