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You asked and we delivered. The Gallery is back and better than ever! Grab a tasty drink and get some savoury finger foods at the our new location.

You can find them on level 4.

Tell us how we’re doing!

Complete this quick survey to let us know how we’re doing, food-wise!




Daily Soup Special                                $6
Ask about today’s chef-inspired heartwarming soup. Serviced with a fresh baked bun.

Tomato Soup                                           $6
Served with a fresh baked bun.

Cobb Salad                                              $12
Romaine lettuce tossed in buttermilk ranch dressing topped with egg, feta, chicken, and bacon.

Caesar Salad                                           $8
Romaine lettuce tossed in Caesar dressing with Parmesan cheese and homemade croutons.

Beet Salad with Arugula and Goat Cheese                                                                          $6
Pickled beets, arugula, topped with goat cheese.

Add a salmon patty or chicken thigh to any salad – $6

Shared Plates

Chicken Pickin’s                                 $11
Crispy boneless chicken thigh marinated in hot sauce, cut into strips and served with plum sauce.

Calamari                                                 $11
Battered marinated squid with jalapeños, onions, peppers, tzatziki, and chipotle mayo.

Hummus with Naan                           $9
Our own traditional hummus served with naan and tzatziki.

Onion Rings                                          $11
Served with ketchup and chipotle mayo.

Appy Platter                                          $25
Assorted platter of fries, hummus & naan, chicken fingers, calamari, and onion rings served with a variety of sauces.


Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup           $9
The classic grilled cheese sandwich on white bread served with tomato soup. Perfect for dipping.

Lasagna                                                           $10
Layers of pasta covered in rich tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and ground beef served with side salad and a garlic toast.

Shepherd’s Pie                                               $10
Ground beef topped with mashed potato served with garlic bread and side salad.

Chili                                                                 $10
Served with ketchup and chipotle mayo

Fish and Chips 1pc/2pc                        $12/$16
Fresh local wild cod lightly battered and flash fried golden brown served with fries, lemon, and tartar sauce.

Chicken and Waffles                                 $12
Crispy marinated chicken thigh served on a toasted waffle with gravy.

Add syrup .50

Burgers & Hot Sandwiches

Served with choice of fries, side salad, or soup

Gallery Po’boy                                           $11
Crispy marinated chicken thigh with mozzarella cheese, lettuce, tomato with chipotle aioli on a bun.

BC Burger                                                   $12
Our own housemade charbroiled 5oz all beef patty topped with lettuce, tomato, bacon, cheese, pickle, and BBQ sauce.

Aussie Burger                                           $12
Our all beef house burger topped with lettuce, tomato, bacon, cheese, pickle, BBQ sauce, and a fried egg.

Salmon Burger                                        $12.5
Grilled salmon patty topped with lettuce, tomato, grainy mustard aioli, and onions.

Veggie Burger (v)                                   $11
5oz garden fresh veggie burger topped with lettuce, tomato, pickle, and our secret sauce.

Beef Deep                                                     $11
Thinly sliced roasted beef topped with caramelized onions, horseradish aioli on a baguette and served with au jus.

Pulled Pork                                               $11
Slow cooked pulled pork topped with Kansas BBQ sauce and caramelized onions.

Bar Menu

$1 off with a beverage purchase

Edamame                                                   $7
Tossed in sea salt.

Nachos                                                       $7
Served with authentic salsa.

Fries                                                              $7
Served with ketchup.

Poutine                                                        $7
A classic Canadian dish with cheese curds on top of fries smothered in gravy.

Pork Dry Ribs                                           $7
Served with tangy plum sauce.

Cheese Quesadilla                                  $7
A flour tortilla filled with cheese, caramelized onions and peppers, served with salsa.

Add beef or pulled pork $4

Chili Cheese Dog                                     $7
Add beef 7″ hot dog on a soft bun topped with our housemade chili and mozzarella cheese.

Penne Pasta with Rose Sauce            $7
Penne pasta tossed in a rose sauce topped with parmesan cheese.



Cakes                                                           $4
Ask your server about today’s cake special topped with whipped cream.




Single / Double

Long Island Iced Tea                      $5.75 / $8.75
Gin, Vodka, Spiced Rum, Tequila, Triple Sec, Sweet & Sour Mix & Coke

Blue Long Island Iced Tea           $5.75 / $8.75
Gin, Vodka, Spiced Rum, Blue Curacao, Sweet & Sour Mix & Sprite

Harvey Wallbanger                        $5.75 / $8.75
Vodka, Galliano & Orange Juice

Tequila Sunrise                               $5.75 / $8.75
Tequila, Grenadine & Orange Juice

Pineapple Smash                            $5.75 / $8.75
Malibu Rum, Pineapple & Lime Juices & Sprite

Lime Margarita                               $5.75 / $8.75
Tequlia, Triple Sec, Lime Juice & Salt

Fuzzy Navel                                        $5.75 / $8.75
Peach Schnapps, Lemonade and Orange Juice

Tom Collins                                       $5.75 / $8.75
Gin, Lemon Juice, Simple Syrup, Soda Maraschino Cherry

Old Fashioned                                   $5.75 / $8.75
Bourbon, Bitters & Simple Syrup

Cuba Libre $5.75 / $8.75
Rum, Lime Juice and Coke

Caesar – Classic                                 $5.75 / $8.75
Vodka, Clamato, Tabasco, Worcestershire Sauce

Caesar – Tequila                               $5.75 / $8.75
Tequila, Clamato, Tabasco, Salt & Pepper


Jager Bomb                                                      $7.25
Jagermeister & Red Bull

Boilermaker                                                     $6.75
Shot of Bourbon dropped in a beer

Kamikaze                                                          $5.50
Vodka, Triple Sec and Sour Mix

Red Dragon                                                      $5.50
Barcardi 151 & Raspberry Sour Puss

Porn Star                                                           $5.50
Blue Curacao, Raspberry Sour Puss


Classic                                                              $8.75
Gin (or Vodka) Dry Vermouth

Draft Beer

Molson Coors               $4.75 16oz/ $14.75 pitcher 

Gypsy Tears
Parallel 49                           $5.25 16oz/ $17 pitcher

Kokanee                              $5.25 16oz/ $17 pitcher

Rocket Man Pale Ale 
Dead Frog                            $5.75 16oz/ $18 pitcher

Talisman Pale Ale
Strange Fellows                $5.75 16oz/ $18 pitcher

Belgium “Blue Moon”
Molson Coors                        $6 16oz/ $19.5 pitcher

Dry Hopped ESB                          
Steel & Oak                              $6 16oz/ $19 pitcher

Shock Top                                              
Labatt                                   $6 16oz/ $19.50 pitcher

White Bark
Driftwood                            $6 16oz/ $19.50 pitcher


Red or White
Kalaha Winery                                   $5.75 6oz glass

Sparkling Jaume
Serra Cava                                                    $35 bottle

Bottle Beer

Budweiser                                                             $4.75
Canadian                                                               $4.75
Coors Lite                                                             $4.75
Granville Island Lager                                       $5.75
Granville Island Pale Ale                                   $5.75

Corona                                                                   $5.75
Heineken                                                              $5.75
Stella Artois                                                          $5.75
Guinness                                                              $8.25

Summer Special Beer
Kronenbourg Blanc                                            $7.50

Draft Cider

Strongbow “Gold” (glass)                         $6.50


Smirnoff Ice                                                     $5.50

Growers “Peach or Pear”                          $6.50


Warsteiner – Beer                                         $4.50

Wake Me Up                                                    $3.50
Rave energy Drink & Pineapple juice

Soft Drink
Coke, Sprite, Diet Coke, Ginger Ale                $2.50

Hot Drinks

Drip Coffee                                                      $2.50

Latte or Cappuccino                                    $3.75

Hot Tea                                                           $2.50





Wednesday, Feb. 15th: Closed All Day For Private Function

Reading Week (Feb. 20th-24th): 11:30AM – 7:00PM (Kitchen Closes at 5PM)

Monday – Friday: 11:30AM – 10:00PM
Saturday – Sunday: Closed
Statutory Holidays: Closed


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