1.0 Engagement

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1.0 Engagement

Broadening our reach and awareness with the general student body and deepening our relationships with partners.

1.1 Broaden Engagement with Student Body

    1. Increase integration of awareness about AMS into all training and orientation programming across all departments of the University and within AMS subsidiary groups and partners (2017)
    2. Strategize offerings of the AMS Events department and establish set of flagship events on a 3 year timeline (2017)
    3. Utilize the Nest as a central Hub for students on Campus
      • Compile report on opportunities for animation and secure necessary resources and subsidiary partnerships to materialize infrastructure and programming for implementation in 2019 (2018)
    4. Use large scale data tracking to track service based interactions with members and use this data to enhance relevancy of services (2018)

1.2 Deepen Engagement with Campus Partners

    1. Develop Partnership MOU’S with Campus Partners including Alumni UBC, UBC Recreation and Intramurals, Varsity,  UBC Student Housing and Hospitality Services, CiTR and Ubyssey, Greek System, The Calendar.ca etc. (2018)
      • Identify gaps in partnerships and representation (currently: international, commuter and minority group students)
    2. Utilize outreach networks to ensure campus partners receive streamlined feedback from the AMS on behalf of students as it relates to university and community consultation practices (2018)
    3. Re-analyze and refresh partnership MOU’s with Campus Partners (2019)
      • Ensure AMS Athletics and Recreation fee arrangement has been solidified in an MOU based on report recommendations

1.3 Establish Longterm Partnerships with non-UBC Partners

    1. Develop expansive AMS Sponsorship package and content encompassing all facets of the AMS (2017)
    2. Conduct needs analyses of AMS and non-UBC partner needs to determine mutually beneficial arrangements (2018)
    3. Test trial-year partnership arrangement and draft multi-year partnership agreement (2019)
    4. Sign and file written partnership agreements (2020)



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