2.0 Support

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2.0 Support

Enhancing relevancy and accessibility of services for UBC Students offered by and through the AMS.

2.1  Ongoing AMS Services Reviews

    1. Implement AMS Services Review (2017)
    2. Establish Internal Policy on Regularized Services Reviews to ensure ongoing relevance to student needs (2018)
    3. Launch next AMS Services Review (2019)

2.2 Improve Support Structures for AMS Subsidiary Groups

    1. Improve oversight and support for Undergraduate Societies (2017)
      • Undergraduate Society Handbook
      • Mandatory AMS Orientations for newly Elected Representatives
      • Standardized Governance Principles, Orientation Programming, Service Metrics and Elections coordinated based on feedback and input from constituency executives
    2. Develop a plan for ongoing feedback and experience improvements for AMS Clubs (2018)
      • Implement Campus Vibe (2017)
      • Analyze organizational structure as it relates to clubs support, benchmarking against peer institutions and implement any necessary changes
      • Develop internal policy for bi-annual club’s management software review (2018)
    3. Develop visioning process for online campus-wide engagement platform, integrating renewal of clubhouse (2019)

2.3 Increase students’ access to and awareness of all services available on campus

  1. Work with university to streamline online portals to services and increase effective and relevant marketing practices for students. (2018-19)
  2. Advocate more robust partnerships between campus partners as they relate to student research and and job opportunities (2018-19)
  3. Complete draft “how to get hired after graduation” handbook in collaboration with other student societies (2020)



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