3.0 Representation

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3.0 Representation

Advocate for UBC Students in a deliberative and demonstrably democratic manner.

3.1 Build Reputation for Advocacy

    • Improve capacity for advocacy research to ensure data-driven lobby documents by more efficiently tracking student data (2017)
    • Develop advocacy support networks to both internal and external partners including student associations and non-profits (2018)
    • Strengthen federal advocacy through integrated programming with other student societies at SUDS (2020)

3.2 Build Reputation for Consultation

    • Develop consultation agreement with UBC Administration to ensure transparency and accountability surround tuition and fee increases and policy changes (2019)
    • Utilize outreach networks (see objective 1.2) to ensure campus partners participate in providing feedback on AMS and UBC consultation processes.(2018)
    • Revision Campus Experience Survey be more representative of its diverse content. Ensure availability of statistics to inform any and all strategic decisions made (2018)

3.3 Improve Transparency around AMS fees and governance

    • Provide Quarterly budget updates via website, accompanied by a “how to read the budget” document and video (2017)
    • Host a quorate annual general meeting on a regular basis, actively advertise and livestream AMS council meetings (2018)
    • Establish internal governance policy to ensure governance reviews happen every 6 years at minimum for all AMS constituencies as well as AMS council. (2018)
    • Increase AMS Election and Referendum Ballot Voter turnout to a consistent 50% (2020)



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