4.0 Internal Enablers

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4.0 Internal Enablers

Enhancing the internal operations of the AMS in order to enhance our capacity to deliver on  our responsibility for service to students.

4.1  Communications

    1. Develop a promotion and communication strategy to improve awareness about the AMS.
      • Website upgrades (2017)
      • Develop Internal Communications Policy prioritizing ongoing feedback mechanisms and membership preferences (2017)
        1. Streamline all surveys sent out by AMS and subsidiaries
        2. Establish Communications Working group involving undergraduate society representatives, link with UBC Comms group
        3. Intensify communication efforts to incoming 1st year students and post-graduate alumni

4.2 Future Proof AMS Finances

    1. Develop Sustainable AMS Finance Policy that addresses the following:
      • Logistics: Coordinate Budgeting timelines with Executive Elections (2017)
      • Invest: Update AMS Bylaws to allow for sustainable investments and grow AMS Endowment to ensure long term stability (2017).
      • Plan: Ensure AMS businesses stay competitive via ongoing SWOT analyses

4.3 Destination Workplace

    1. Create ongoing improvements for part time and full time staff at the AMS
      • Upgrade open office spaces and office amenities (2017)
      • Appoint an ‘AMS Fun committee’ (2018)
      • Conduct bi-annual comprehensive wage reviews and ensure competitive salaries and benefits for all tiers. (2018)
      • Implement an intranet (2019)

4.4 Digital and IT Systems

    1. Develop a cross departmental, coordinated approach to digital usage of IT systems (2017)
    2. Integrate ongoing feedback system for digital communications (2018)
    3. Collaborate with UBC to implement large-scale digital screen on future McInnes field (2019)



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