Volunteer Avenue Coordinator
Hasrit Sidhu
NEST 3107
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Looking for relevant career experience while giving back to your community? Come to Volunteer Avenue – a student service that helps match your unique skills and goals to volunteer positions on UBC campus, in the local community, and abroad!

Volunteering is what they mean when they tell you to explore other opportunities and “get out there.” It’s a fulfilling experience, you get to do cool things for cool organizations, and it helps your resume. There’s no other way to engage so directly with so many different fields, or to get your hands dirty in such a variety of experiences. You can do everything from supporting at-risk youth to helping out in a local hospital to playing with kittens at an animal shelter.

Whether you want to give back to your community or your motivations are less… altruistic­—we can help you out. We do this all the time. Come by our office (SUB 249A) and we’ll get you set up with the volunteer opportunity that’s right for you.

How it Works

Think of us as the matchmaker in Fiddler on the Roof, except instead of betrothing you to a butcher we’ll find you a volunteer placement on or near campus. Typically, we’ll do this through either a one-on-one consultation with you, or a workshop, or the Volunteer Fair.

  1. Volunteer Match
  2. Volunteer Postings
  3. Volunteer Opportunities Fair (March 30 & 31)

Examples of Volunteer Placements

  • Crisis line volunteer
  • Big Brother/Sister youth mentor
  • Canadian Cancer Society – Event Aid Volunteer
  • Hospital ER volunteer
  • Workshop Speaker – Youth sexual health
  • Kids Help Phone volunteer fundraiser
  • Research assistantships (various)
  • Volunteer tutor
  • Soup kitchen worker
  • Mental health awareness volunteer
  • Afterschool reading buddy
  • Heart and Stroke Foundation – Event Volunteer
  • Environmental advocate

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