Student Representation

Somebody has to run this whole thing.

The important thing to remember is that all the nice people in charge of the AMS are students, just like you. They go to class and join clubs and eat bad food and drink too much coffee. It’s like your high school student council except it is nothing like your high school student council.

Check out the pages to the left for a breakdown of who does what and where the money goes and all that. As a UBC student, you’re welcome at any of the council meetings, and if there’s anything you’d like to see changed, we encourage student participation. Come to a meeting, email an exec, do whatever.

Our offices are located on the third floor of the NEST. So, Swing by!

Executive Council

The AMS is directed by a five-member group of student executives, elected annually by UBC students.

Student Council

Council is the decision making body of the AMS. The Council is comprised of executive and members from all constituent societies.


Commissions are overseen by AMS executives. The two largest are for administering clubs and their finances.


Committees are created/overseen by Council. Committees help run everything from the New SUB, Budget, University and External Relations, and Education to Student Life.