The Finance Department administers AMS funds that are available to assist students, clubs, and constituencies with innovative projects. All AMS fund applications are available online through AMS Clubhouse, accessed using your CWL. Please note, in order for the applicant to receive the fund if approved, the applicant will have to provide us with:

  • A detailed final report that outlines the impacts of your project, as well as a final budget
  • Copies of receipts, invoices etc, that total to at least double the amount of funding you were approved for.

AMS Funds

There are 6 funds administered directly by the AMS, listed in the table below. Clubs are also able to acquire loans from the AMS if their budgets are temporarily experiencing, or will soon experience, a deficit.

Application Process

In order to apply for AMS funds, applicants must fill out the relevant forms. The application forms for the Clubs Benefit Fund, Competitive Athletics Fund, Constituency Aid Fund, Campus Culture & Performance Fund, and Short-term Loan Application can be found on Clubhouse. Please note, for clubs to have full access to all of Clubhouse features such as forms, a club must possess AT LEAST 2 “Group Leaders”. Once a club has two Group Leaders, the Group Leaders will have access to club forms through their group’s main page. On the main page of a group, Group Leaders have to click on the “Manage” button located on the upper right side of a club’s home page. This will take them to another dashboard, where on the left side there will be a panel with an option to access “Group Leader Forms”.

Applications to the Student Initiatives Fund and the Sexual Assault Initiatives Fund can be carried out by clicking on the link in the table below. Applications to the Sustainability Projects Fund can be submitted by contacting

Fund applications require a preliminary budget; it is essential that both club and student fund submissions utilize the AMS Finance Department approved template, which can be found on the AMS website at the following link: or on Clubhouse under ‘Club Files’.

After submission, applications are reviewed at the bi-weekly Fund Committee meetings. If an application is approved, the applicant will be contacted and requested to provide final submission documents. If a club fund/grant, the Final Report Submission must be carried out on AMS Clubhouse. The Final Report Submission Form can be found in the same place as the fund applications.

The documents required are an event report detailing the outcome and implementation of the project (project successes, things accomplished, difficulties experienced, etc.) along with a final budget and expenses report (utilizing the aforementioned budget template). These must be accompanied by a single PDF document containing copies of all invoices/receipts relating to costs listed in the final budget. The monetary sum of the invoices/receipts must total to at least double the amount of funding you were approved for (as the AMS covers half of the project’s OUTSTANDING costs [Total Revenue – Total Costs]).

In order to expedite the reimbursement process, line items within the final budget should be easily matched to individual receipts within the PDF document, so as to make reconciliation of expenses easier for the Funds and Grants Administrator.

*When filling out the “Sample Budget Template for Funds and Grants Applications”, either for an initial fund application or for the Final Report Submission, please DO NOT include the funding for which you are applying.


For all fund-related questions please contact the Funds and Grants Administrator at


Clubs Benefit Fund


-All AMS Constituted Clubs are eligible if budget and executive list is approved

-One time project only, cannot be annual events

-Used to fund events, special projects related to the club’s academic interest , or furnishing expenses which benefit the club as a whole

-Granted only once per fiscal year per club

Max Amount: $1500/club, less than half the outstanding cost of the project


Deadline: at least 3 weeks prior to the project

Students Initiatives Fund


-Must be an AMS Member, i.e. UBC Student

-Used to fund philanthropic, academic or other causes deemed worthy by the AMS Finance Commission

Max Amount: $500/project, less than half the outstanding cost of the project


Deadline: at least 3 weeks prior to the project

Competitive Athletics Fund -An AMS Club competing in races/competitions, or hosting tournaments at UBC, used to purchase necessary equipment or rental of sports facilities.

-Applicants of this fund may not be eligible for funding from UBC Athletics

Max Amount: $3000/club, less than half the outstanding cost of the project


Deadline: At least 3 weeks prior to the project

Constituency Aid Fund -AMS Constituency

-Used to fund elections referenda expenses, communication expenses or furnishing expenses

-Elections per referenda per communication expense shall total 15cents per constituency member but no less than $75 in total and no more than $375

-Granted only once per fiscal year per constituency

Max Amount: $750/ Constituency, less than half the outstanding cost of project


Deadline: At least 3 weeks prior to the project

Sexual Assault Initiatives Fund (SAIF) -Administered jointly by the AMS Finance Commission and the AMS Sexual Assault Support Service Centre (SASC)

-Used to finance projects proposed by the UBC Community

-Must be directly related to Sexual Assault Awareness

-Can be events, fundraisers, panel discussions or workshops

Max Amount: $1500/student. Less than half the outstanding cost of the project


Deadline: At least 3 weeks prior to the projects


Please contact

Sustainability Projects Fund -Sustainable projects contributing to an environmentally conscious culture through student led projects

-Reduces the ecological footprint of UBC Students

-The committee meets once a month to review projects

No particular Maximum


Deadline: one week prior to the meeting (refer to website)


Please contact


Other UBC Funds

Apart from the funds handled by the AMS Finance Commission, there are some alternative funding options available.

Impact Grant


-All UBC students interested in scholarly research to understand issues affecting post-secondary students within the UBC Community


Please contact
Policy Advisor, Kelsi Wall at
Innovative Projects Fund



-Students, faculty and staff working on projects that benefit  to a significant number of students, developing campus community

-In the past, innovative projects include media initiatives, new student services etc.


Max Amount: $5000/application

Deadline: Application opens in October

Please contact
AMS Administrative Assistant at

Walter Gage Memorial Fund


-Current UBC Students affiliated with the AMS, faculty or from a recognized UBC Organization

-Non-curricula student activities that enhance the University’s reputation

Max Amount: $2000/group

Deadline: Before the event is completed

Please contact
UBC VP Students

Global Lounge Fund -Current UBC student organizing an international/intercultural event or project, preferably with a long term impact

-Preference to initiatives involving the global lounge and its members


Max Amount: $2000/student

Deadline: third Monday every month, at least 2 weeks before the event

Please contact

Student Society Emergency Aid Program -Joint program between the AMS and the Ministry of Advanced Education

-Established to provide emergency aid funding through student raised money to assist students in need

-Funds are distributed in the form of bursaries


Max Amount: $10,000/year


Contact your Enrolment Services Professional (ESP) for more information

Constituency Funds -All Constituencies provide funding to students for travel costs, special projects etc. Please contact your respective Constituencies for further information