Treasurer Information

Treasurers Authorization Process


What is AMS Clubhouse?

AMS Clubhouse (also sometimes used interchangeably with CampusVibe; they both mean the same thing!) is the online platform we use to communicate with clubs. Think of it as a Facebook for AMS Clubs where you can access all of the forms/files you need and communicate with the rest of the AMS community.

How to access it?

The AMS ClubHouse can be accessed here. You can use your Campus Wide Login (CWL) to login. After having joined Clubhouse, please ensure your club has created a ‘Group Page’ and that you are listed as a ‘leader’ of your club’s page.

Treasurer Authorization Process
You must become authorized by the AMS before you are able to fulfill any of your duties as treasurer.  Please note that this process is the same for ALL treasurers, regardless of if you are a returning treasurer from last year.

Step 1: Complete the Treasurer Authorization Form

  • The form is on Clubhouse under the ‘Forms’ tab along the top bar
  • Requires 2 key components: ‘President Supplementary Form’ and ‘Signature Card File’, both of which have samples provided in the form itself for you to download
  • Make sure to save the Signature Card File as a PDF named: “MainAccountCode_ClubName_LastName_FirstName” (for example 123_FinanceClub_Yan_Tyler)

Completing Step 1 grants you temporary signing authority until July 1st. You must complete Step 2 (attend an orientation) by this deadline in order to be fully authorized for the rest of the year. After completing the Treasurer Authorization Form, you can assume you are authorized within 48 hours (business days). Clubhouse does not have an automatic function for us to send email confirmation of approval, so you will not be emailed if you are approved. You will only be emailed if you have filled out anything incorrectly.

Step 2: Attend a Treasurer Orientation

Upcoming orientations will be hosted from now until June 26, 2017. Please email for more details on upcoming orientation dates.

After completing the Treasurer Authorization Form and attending a Treasurer Orientation, you are a fully authorized treasurer! We will be sending out budget templates on June 30th, however only to those who have been fully authorized.



Once you are fully authorized, you will receive a budget template on June 30th. Please do not fill out your own budget; wait for us to send you the template. You will then have 3 weeks after the template is sent out to submit your completed budget. More details will be included in the email authorized treasurers receive on June 30th .


Sharepoint and Account Access

One of the fundamental roles of a Treasurer is keeping track of the club’s finances. To do so, you can get a print out of your club’s account details at the front desk administration office, or get it online. The AMS Main Offices are open during the summer from 9 am to 4 pm; treasurers can come to the main office between these hours to request the print outs. To review your club’s accounts online, treasurers can see club account balances and transaction details online via Treasurers and presidents who need access to their accounts should email


Square is a point of sale software aimed at replacing traditional credit card terminals and cash registers. Square allows clubs and constituencies to take credit card payments for all club operations. The devices are provided free of charge by the AMS, to register for Square, please fill out the Square Request Form on AMS Clubhouse. Please contact with any questions about Square.


Showpass is our online event and ticket organizer. Showpass enables you to create and sell customized tickets to events. You can also get access to information on revenue holdings, ticket sales, and invoices, with the ability to process refunds. It is straightforward and open to everyone on the web, so more traffic can get to your event page. Please contact with any questions about Showpass.

BMO Spending Dynamics

This is one of our pilot programs open only to approved clubs and constituencies. Clubs and constituencies with a BMO credit card are able to directly spend their club finds with access to 2.5-3% credit limit. Many conditions apply to this program because transactions are not approved by the AMS before they are taken out of the club account. Organizations that are a part of this program must submit a monthly report. To be approved for a credit card, contact to start the application process.


Every AMS Club has to submit certain information to the AMS for administrative purposes, to process transactions, etc. The Finance Department Policy Guide possesses information pertaining to the workings of different administrative processes, and should be consulted by treasurers when uncertainty regarding a process arises. You can find all of the important forms you need at the island outside the AMS Front Desk on the 3rd floor of the Nest. All forms must be submitted in person to the AMS Front Desk.