The Budget is the foundational document upon which the Society’s finances are built. This document changes from year to year as income and expenses fluctuate depending on student enrollment, the economy, and the projects, services, and agenda of Student Government.

Non-Discretionary Transfers

The annual budget for the Society is roughly fourteen million dollars ($14,000,000). The Budget can be broken down into two major sub-elements, revenue and expenses. Much of the revenue collected through student fees is bound by the restrictions placed upon it in the AMS Code of Procedure and AMS Bylaws entrenched by referenda. This revenue is called Non-Discretionary Transfers and is used to automatically replenish funds such as the SUB Repair and Replacement Fund on an annual basis. Also accounted for in Revenues are Undergraduate Society Fees, which are, after collection, transferred to those societies.

Discretionary Income

After the Non-Discretionary Transfers are made, and the Student Health and Dental Plan premiums are paid out, the Society is left with approximately one million three hundred thousand dollars ($1,300,000). This ‘Discretionary Income’ is the portion of Revenue the Vice-President Finance and Budget Committee of Student Council use to pay for the administration of Student Government, Student Services (ie: Tutoring, AMS Mini-School, SafeWalk, Speakeasy ect.), Financial Aid, Programs and Publications, and additional services, including lobbying deemed necessary to improve the status of Students in British Columbia.

Student Activity and Government Budget 2015/2016