Student Fees

Student Fees

AMS Membership fee/General Fee $40.23
Capital Projects Fee $7.79
Resource Groups Fee* $1.64
WUSC Refugee Fee $5.34
Sexual Assault Support Services Fee $3.55
Clubs Benefit Fee $1.64
Lighter Footprint Fee $2.46
Sub Renewal Building Fee $100
Ombudsperson fee $1.07
Student Aid Bursary Fee $12.00
International Fee $0.27
Childcare Bursary Levy Fee $1.09
Athletics and Intra Murals $21.00
Bike Kitchen Fee* $1.06
Graduating Class and Constituency Fee Varied
Arts & Culture Fee* $2.00


Non AMS Fees

CiTR fee* $5.46
Ubyssey* $6.55
Student Legal Fund Fee $1.00
Health and Dental Plan* $232.49
UPASS* $164/term

*these fees can be opted-out of.

If enrolling in fees for term 2, the Health and Dental Plan is prorated for coverage from January 1st to August 31st and costs $154.99.

To opt-out of the U-Pass, apply for a U-Pass exemption on the Student Service Centre website.


There are 7 fees UBC students can opt-out of: CiTR fee, Bike Co-Op/Kitchen fee, Resource Groups fee, Ubyssey fee, Arts & Culture Fee, U-Pass, Health & Dental plan.

If you wish to opt-out of any fees, make sure to submit your opt-out requests within the opt-out period for the term you wish to opt-out of. Students can only opt out in Term 2 or summer term if that is your first term of enrollment this academic year. Opt-outs for Summer term 2 will be open from July 3rd-17th 2018.

Opt-outs for Term 2 are open.

For any questions, or further information on Opt-in’s, Opt-outs or Subsidies, please contact

            Please note that there are NO opt-outs during the summer period for students who were enrolled in a preceding Winter semester, as students do not get charged the opt-out-able fees again during the summer sessions (with the exception of the U-Pass). Only students whose first semester of enrolment is a Summer term can opt out during the summer. For all dates and deadlines pertaining to opt-out, please refer to UBC’s academic calendar by following this link:,267,784,0

How to Opt-Out:

Bike Co-op

Please visit their office located on the 4th floor of the Nest, or visit their website to find contact information


Please visit their office located in the Nest Rm. LL500-6133, or visit their website to find contact information


Please visit their office located in the Nest on the 2nd floor Rm. 2208, or visit their website to find contact information

Resource Groups Fee/Campus Culture & Performance Fee

To opt out of the Resource group fee and/or the Arts & Culture Fee, fill out the opt-out form on this website.

To opt-out of the Health and Dental Plan, please visit their website, and complete the necessary steps. Be sure to do this within the Change of Coverage period, which will be provided once the Studentcare notifies the AMS of their latest dates (usually the first 3 weeks of the beginning of a new Winter semester).

The change of coverage period for the Health and Dental Plan is January 3rd – 24th 2018 .



In accordance with the AMS code of procedures Section XIII, Article 3(7) and pursuant to AMS Bylaw 14(9), Active Members of the Society who are not eligible for the exclusive services of the health and dental plan and the U-Pass due to their special fee exemption status, may opt in to the Society’s fees in order to receive the aforementioned benefits.

Opt-Ins for Summer are Open.

If you have any questions or concerns please email

For the Summer terms, students can submit opt-in requests up to two weeks before the start of the relevant term. For opt-in requests outside of this timeline (e.g. in the middle of the semester, or summer) please contact

PLEASE NOTE: It is important to note that should you wish to opt into the AMS Fees, you must opt into all AMS Fees, NO EXCEPTIONS.