Student Funding

Student Funding

While there are several funds available for AMS Clubs, there are also funds available for students led projects and initiatives. Here is a list of funds available, for any questions, please contact the Funds and Grants Administrator at

Sustainability Projects Fund -Sustainable projects contributing to an environmentally conscious culture through student led projects

-Reduces the ecological footprint of UBC Students

-The committee meets once a month to review projects

No particular Maximum

Deadline: one week prior to the meeting (refer to website)

Please contact

Innovative Projects Fund


-Students, faculty and staff working on projects that benefit  to a significant number of students, developing campus community

-In the past, innovative projects include media initiatives, new student services etc.


Max Amount: $5000/application

Deadline: January 31, 2018

Please contact:

Students Initiatives Fund (Application available on AMS Clubhouse -Must be an AMS Member, i.e. UBC Student

-Used to fund philanthropic, academic or other causes deemed worthy by the AMS Finance Commission

Max Amount: $1,000/project, less than 75% the cost of the project

Deadline: at least 3 weeks prior to the project

Please contact: