The AMS offers hardship subsidies to students that demonstrate they’re experiencing genuine financial hardship. Students can apply for 4 kinds of Hardship Subsidies: Full U-Pass, Partial U-Pass, SUB Renewal, AMS Fee.

The values for the subsidies for current the Winter session (2018/2019) are:

  • Full U-Pass Subsidy: $164
  • Partial U-Pass Subsidy: $82
  • SUB Renewal Subsidy: $100
  • AMS Fee Subsidy: $113.90

These amounts will be updated as necessary for the next school year. In the summer, students can apply for U-Pass subsidies within the first 3 weeks of the summer term they are requesting a subsidy for.

How to apply?

The subsidy application form can be accessed via AMS Clubhouse. Login using your Campus Wide Login (CWL) then find the application under ‘Forms’ tab or you can find the form here. Please ensure you are using a computer to fill out the application, mobile devices are not currently supported.

Current applicants will receive notification of their status in March. Successful applicants will receive the funds as a credit in their SSC account in late March.

Please contact for any questions about applying to hardship subsidies.


Summer 2018  AMS Subsidy Opens: May 9th- June 1st



Premium Assistance Fund

Partial or full reimbursement of the Health & Dental Plan fee ($232.49) is available on a need basis from the AMS and GSS through the AMS/GSS Health Plan Premium Assistance Fund.

Returning students as well as Students who began their academic year in September and who have not opted out of the AMS/GSS Extended Health & Dental Plan may apply for the bursary. The application form is available at