The AMS offers hardship subsidies to students that demonstrate they’re experiencing genuine financial hardship. Students can apply for 4 kinds of Hardship Subsidies: Full U-Pass, Partial U-Pass, SUB Renewal, AMS Fee.

The values for the subsidies for current the Winter session (2016/2017) are:

  • Full U-Pass Subsidy: $158
  • Partial U-Pass Subsidy: $79
  • SUB Renewal Subsidy: $100
  • AMS Fee Subsidy: $105.48

These amounts will be updated as necessary for the next school year. In the summer, students can apply for U-Pass subsidies within the first 3 weeks of the summer term they are requesting a subsidy for.

How to apply?

The subsidy application form can be accessed via AMS Clubhouse. Login using your Campus Wide Login (CWL) then find the application under ‘Forms’ tab. The U-Pass subsidy application for the Summer term is now open.

Please contact for any questions about applying to hardship subsidies.


Summer U-Pass Subsidy Opens: May 15-August 15.

Premium Assistance Fund

Partial or full reimbursement of the Health & Dental Plan fee ($227.04) is available on a need basis from the AMS and GSS through the AMS/GSS Health Plan Premium Assistance Fund.

Returning students as well as Students who began their academic year in September and who have not opted out of the AMS/GSS Extended Health & Dental Plan may apply for the bursary. The application form is available at