The AMS has many committees, which work on the nitty-gritty of policies and procedures.  Many of them include spots for students at large; so you don’t have to be a member of AMS Student Council to serve.

Here are the seven AMS standing committees:

Advocacy Committee: Works with the VP External and the VP Academic & University Affairs to develop policies and advocacy strategies in dealing with government and the University.

Finance Committee: Works on the AMS budget and is in charge of several funds.  Also oversees subcommittees on IT, sustainability projects, and student research (impact grants).

Operations Committee: Oversees student clubs and the Nest.

Student Life Committee: Involved in promoting student spirit through the Blue & Gold Society, a first year subcommittee, and the Grad Class Council.

Governance Committee: Reviews the AMS Code and Bylaws.

HR Committee: Interviews candidates for Elections Administrator, Ombudsperson, and Speaker of Council.

Steering Committee: Made up of members of the other committees, it looks at long-range plans and goals.


There are also some ad hoc committees, created by the AMS for time-limited projects.  Currently, there are three of these:

Brewery Committee: Looking into the logistics of bringing a microbrewery to campus.

New SUB Committee: An old ad hoc committee that oversaw the creation of the Nest and now is overseeing the renovations in the basement of the new UBC Life Building (which will be home to several AMS clubs).

SHAPE (the Sale of Hatch Art Planning & Execution committee): Looking into selling some pieces from the AMS Art Collection.


The AMS also has an Executive Committee and an Advisory Board, and appoints members to various external committees and boards, such as:

The Health & Dental Plan Committee, which oversees the joint AMS/GSS health and dental plan.

CiTR, the campus radio station.

SLFS (the Student Legal Fund Society), which takes on student-related legal cases.

Aquatic Centre Management Committee, which oversees the University’s aquatic centre.

Want to see minutes from individual committee meetings? Look at the sidebar on the left of this page to view a full list of AMS committees.

Can’t find those minutes you were looking for? For archived minutes of AMS committees, please contact AMS Archivist Sheldon Goldfarb.

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