Operations Committee

1. The Operations Committee shall be composed of:
(a) the Vice-President Administration;
(b) four (4) non-Executive Council members; and
(c) two (2) Students at Large.

2. The Operations Committee shall:
(a) oversee the management and infrastructure of all facilities operated by the Society;
(b) oversee the management and policy of bookings, space allocation, and security in the AMS Student Nest;
(c) establish regulations for clubs and other recognized student organizations and publish such regulations in the Operations Committee Policy Handbook;
(d) ensure the Society is meeting its sustainability goals and recommend any action necessary to meet those goals;
(e) work to make the Society more equitable in its operations;
(f) ensure the regulation of the Society’s art collection;
(g) consider necessary or desirable renovations to the AMS Student Nest and any other Society buildings, as well as other capital projects, present options and recommendations about such renovations and projects to Council, and verify that all such renovations and projects have been completed satisfactorily;
(h) propose annual goals for itself to the Steering Committee and be responsible for completing those goals; and
(i) have such other duties as are outlined in the Bylaws or the Code or assigned by Council or SAC from time to time.


Meeting Minutes:

Sub Committees:

Clubs & Societies Working Group Minutes:



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