Agenda Committee

The Agenda Committee is tasked with setting the agenda for each Council meeting and for general meetings of the AMS. It’s a big task, and it holds a lot of power to influence the direction of AMS policy making. As such, the voting members of the Agenda committee represent the highest elected official in the AMS and the chairs of the four standing committees.

As for the specific duties of the Agenda Committee, we refer you to the relevant section of the Constitution.

The Committee shall:

(a) assist the President in preparing the agenda for each Council meeting and for general meetings of the Society;

(b) subject to Section III, Article 2, when presented with an issue for consideration by Council, decide if the issue needs further discussion or investigation before consideration by Council, and if so, direct the issue to the appropriate Standing Committee, which shall carry out that discussion or investigation;

(c) establish and announce regular meeting times for the five Standing Committees at as early a date in each term as possible;

(d) arrange appropriate training for all Chairs of Standing Committees, such training to include a Committee Handbook, which shall include operating procedures, a guide to available resources, and the previous year’s minutes and agendas;

(e) recommend to Council a candidate for Speaker and a candidate for Deputy Speaker, such recommendations to be arrived at by an interview process in accordance with the procedures followed by an Extraordinary Hiring Committee in recommending a candidate for a student government position; and

(f) have such other duties as are outlined in the Bylaws or the Code or assigned by Council from time to time.

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